What should I pay attention to before buying a car mat?

July 31,2021
An expensive new car will cost you hundreds of thousands to several million dollars. In order to take good care of your car, in addition to the appearance and maintenance of mechanical parts, the internal car mat is also very important, although it is not Eye-catching parts, choosing a car mat that suits you can protect the original carpet surface in your car from being damaged by dirt and debris, thereby prolonging the life of the carpet surface. With so many brands and car mat styles on the market, how to choose a car mat that suits you is a question of the university.

Universal and customized models

Car floor mats are usually divided into two styles, universal fit, and customized fit. The universal model is suitable for any car model, and the price is relatively cheap, because the same car will have a slightly different internal designs due to different years, or if you have budget considerations, the universal car mat is more suitable for you. The custom-made car mats are designed for your car model to make a complete fit. In addition to the different materials, there will also be full coverage and partial coverage styles.

Universal car mats

Carpet type universal car mats

This is the most common and most traditional car mat. In addition to a variety of carpet materials to choose from, many custom printed patterns are also made using carpet-style car mats.

Injection universal car mat

There are many main materials for injection-type general-purpose car mats, such as TPE, TPO, PVC, etc., and usually have a tailorable design to fit your car model, so as not to affect the accelerator and brake pedals. The advantage is that it is waterproof and resistant. Dirty, wear-resistant and easy to clean, etc.

Customized car mats

EVA custom car mats

EVA material is the most affordable material among customized car mats. Its honeycomb foam structure can resist shock, and the surface can also resist dirt and water. However, many ultra-low-cost styles of EVA car mats on the market are made of inferior materials. Therefore, it is prone to wear and mold, so you can choose this car mat to buy Taiwan-made car mats that are sold in the channel. In addition to the more complete after-sales service, the quality will be more guaranteed.

Flat customized car mats

There are carpet or plastic-type on the flat custom car mat material.
Carpet-type car mats use the measured version, with automatic machinery for precise cutting, to make a carpet-type car mat that best suits your car model for you. Newly manufactured vehicles are basically equipped with carpet-type car cushions, and their design is simple and elegant. If people have different ideas about the pattern on the car mat, this kind of car mat material is also easier to make changes, such as printing patterns.
The plastic model is made by injection molding, which has the advantages of being anti-dirt, waterproof, and easy to clean. This kind of car mat has a large price gap on the market. It is recommended to choose products with good after-sales service, labeling, and inspection, so as to avoid buying car mats with inferior materials or emitting toxic odors when the temperature in the car is high. Let you be in a chronic poison without knowing it.

Covered custom car mats

Covered car mats are also divided into full-covered and semi-covered. Most of them are made by 3D vacuum forming. Not only does it have the advantages of injecting car mats, but also because of its 3D design, the high-side design can also prevent liquid leakage and prevent the bottom carpet from being contaminated. Our Singform’s vacuum forming car mats are made of non-toxic and odorless TPE material and will undergo strict internal and third-party testing so that consumers can feel more at ease.

Zig-zag car mats

The car mat made by Zig-zag Mat is thicker and more wear-resistant and can be more conformable to the car floor. It is made of safe and non-toxic materials, waterproof, dirt-resistant, and easy to clean. At present, this car mat is only authorized by 3M dealers to  Sell.

Other matters needing attention

The anti-slip bottom is very important

When choosing car mats, don't just pay attention to the price and forget its safety. It is very important for you to have a car mat with a good anti-slip bottom design. The anti-slip bottom can prevent the car mat from sliding when you are stepping on the road, because the sliding of the car mat may jam the accelerator or brake pedal, or make your feet slip during operation, which threatens your driving safety.

Clean your car mats

Timely and fixed cleaning for your car mats can not only make the car mats more durable, but also prevent the different substances remaining on it from chronically damaging the car mat, or indirectly affecting driving safety or car odor.


According to the various car mats introduced above, how to choose depends on your personal needs and hobbies. If you pay more attention to the price, you can choose universal car mats. If you pay more attention to the maintenance of the car, you can choose customized car mats. The choice of materials is more diversified, depending on your choice of waterproof, dirt-resistant, good-looking, customized, or easy to clean. You can contact Singform for any questions on the car mats, and wish you can find the best car mat for you.

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