Carpet car mats

July 23,2021
Singform is a professional and experienced manufacturer of car mats and commercial floor mats. It cooperates with famous car brands such as KIA, LEXUS, SUBARU, SUZUKI, TOYOTA, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, VOLKSWAGEN, FORD, etc., and design OEM Of course, the car mats that the original car is equipped with can also be customized for other high-end brand cars.


Plane measurement

This is the most traditional measurement method. It uses cardboard to measure the layout, and then uses the drawing software to build the model. After communicating with the partner manufacturers about the thickness and material of the car cushion, make a sample trial and then repeatedly modify it to the most suitable The version type. Most of the car mats produced by plane measurement are non-stereoscopic car mats, such as injection car mats and carpet car mats.

3D scanning

Since 2020, Singform has begun to introduce 3D scanning equipment, which can not only create the most accurate model but also save time for repeated modification of the model. In addition to flat car mats, three-dimensional and full-enclosed models can also be made. Car mats, such as vacuum-formed car mats.

Carpet car mat

Customized carpet

Singform has been operating in the manufacture of car mats and floor mats for decades has a rich model library and carpet fabrics, which can be customized according to your preferences, and provides a variety of carpets for matching options.

Manufacturing process

We use the measured version and match it with automated machinery to precisely cut it to create a carpet-style car mat that best suits your car model.

Stable performance

When buying a car mat, pay attention to its bottom. It should have accessories that can lock it in place. And when you only consider the price and do not consider other factors, you may buy a car mat that cannot be stable and will slide when you are driving, which will affect driving safety. And our car mat can be matched with a variety of different nail bottoms, or specially equipped with hooks or buckles to make it stable.

Advantages and disadvantages


Carpet-style car mats are the most traditional car mats. They look elegant and easy to customize. There are many choices in style and design. Compared with car mats of other materials, the price is relatively cheap.


It is easier to accumulate dirt, it is easier to wear and tear for heavy traffic users, and it takes more time to clean.

When should I change the car mats?

  1. When your car cushion has started to slide, it cannot be fixed in the same position.
  2. Your car mat has been obviously worn out. If you don't replace it, you may get your feet stuck while driving.
  3. When you use the wrong size.
  4. If you want to sell your car, you should buy a classic carpet car mat that matches the original factory.
  5. There are stains or aging odors on the car mats that are difficult to remove.

How to clean?

After dismantling it to remove the obvious dust and foreign objects, clean it with a commercially available carpet cleaner, and then dry it.


Among the interior accessories of a car, the car pedal is a cheap commodity, and it can be regarded as a relatively inconspicuous component. But the soldiers will also make a great contribution. The car footpad is to protect the original bottom of the carpet surface. It can prevent the original carpet surface from being stained and worn by foreign dirt, dust, mud, and other related elements, and keep the interior of the car clean.


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