Introduction of Disposable Disinfection Car mats

May 25,2021


A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that "the D614G variant of the new coronavirus can survive on the soles of shoes for 3 days." If people often move around in public spaces, such as offices, hypermarkets, public transportation, etc., there is a high probability of shoe soles. Will be infected with the new coronavirus. And indeed, it was recently discovered in the United States that the soles of medical staff have a half chance of being tested for the new crown virus, while patients, family members, and nursing staff are walking around in the hospital, and the floor is covered with the virus, making it unknowingly infected. Epidemic.

Introduction of Disposable Disinfection Car mats

With the current severe epidemic situation, the number of confirmed cases continues to rise, and the level 3 alert shows no signs of being lifted, everyone is in danger, and the new crown virus seems to be getting closer and closer to everyone. However, the hard-working taxi drivers and UBER drivers are still gritting their teeth. They still have to carry commuters to and from for their livelihoods, and they are at risk of being infected. In addition to taking precautions against the epidemic, passengers going up and down are also deeply afraid that negligence in small places will create a breach in epidemic prevention.

Singform specially designed these disposable disinfection car mats to make up for the most negligible place in the car environment disinfection. The shoes worn by the general public are only cleaned once every six months to a year. Even after cleaning, we wear them. My shoes will be everywhere, leaving different germs and dirt on the soles of the shoes.

According to a study by the University of Arizona in the United States, the surface of shoes in daily life is filled with an average of 420,000 bacteria, and there are nearly 3,000 bacteria inside the shoes, but the most surprising thing is that the soles are almost covered with fecal fungi. These faecium bacteria include the most common Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumonia, and Serratia marcescens.

In particular, passengers getting on and off the car often leave germs and dirt on the soles of the shoes in the car, and everyone’s soles become a large platform for germs to communicate with each other. In order to make the riding environment more at ease, we developed and designed this "disposable disinfection car mat". Not only is it easy to install for all models, but the disposable carpet also saves the time needed for cleaning and maintenance. The driver brothers can take more time to rest or work hard economically.


Advantages of Disposable Disinfection Car mats

1. The disinfectant spray component can reach a 99% antibacterial effect, inhibiting and eliminating the residual bacteria on the soles of the feet.
2. Designed specifically for taxis, UBER, and professional vehicles, providing an extra layer of control for the riding environment.
3. The replaceable blanket design saves cleaning time for professional drivers.

Use of Disposable Disinfection Car mats

1. Spray the diluted disinfectant onto the disinfection blanket before getting on the car.
2. After the passengers step on, remove the bacteria and dirt attached to the soles of the shoes.
3. Regularly replace the foot blanket to ensure the disinfection effect and cleanliness.

Cleaning and maintenance of Disposable Disinfection Car mats

Disposable blankets must be replaced regularly, and the bottom foot pad should be wiped with clean water and dried. Do not use a washing machine or detergent to clean it.

Application of Disposable Disinfection Car mats

Designed for taxis, UBER, professional vehicles...etc.

Text quote 1:"Health Net" Don't let the virus go home with shoes Expert: 6 ways to stop the lungs
Text quote 2:The shoes are dirtier than the toilet lid! Huang Xuan said 96% of the soles are stained with fecal fungus

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