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A Comprehensive Car Mat Solution: All Weather Vacuum Formed Car Mats

March 11,2022
All Weather Vacuum Formed Car Mats

Maintaining the interior of the car is a continuous and persevering task, but no matter how it is maintained, the moisture, sludge and other pollutants brought in from the outside always use various methods to stain the interior of the car. In order to solve this problem, Singform, a company specializing in the R&D and production of car mats, continues to create and evolve from carpets, injection molding to all-weather vacuum forming car mats.

The most comprehensive car mat: all-weather vacuum forming

Choose the perfect car mat for yourself

Whether it is a gift from the original car factory, or a different material car mat purchased by the car owner, it is to prevent the original carpet in the car from being polluted and prolong the service life of the car interior. From basic carpet car mats to plastic car mats of various designs, choosing a good and durable product is better than replacing cheap car mats too frequently, and now the mainstream car mat throne falls to the so-called 3D car mat (all-weather vacuum forming car mat).

All-weather protective cover

The 3D car mat produced by Singform is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly TPE material. According to the needs of different manufacturers, there are also options of TPO or TPR, and in terms of quality control, it is guaranteed that it does not contain any heavy metals. The materials used above are non-sticky and not easy to get stuck, easy to clean and maintain, and the high-side all-round fit design is not only safe and anti-slip, even if the precious milk is overturned, it will not spill onto the original carpet. The R&D and manufacturing of raw materials is Singform's strength. The plastic car mats made from our prepared raw materials can withstand the test of various extreme weather.

OEM/ODM service

We use high-precision 3D laser scanners to build the most accurate models, and hand them over to experienced drawing engineers to produce the best design drawings according to the needs of customers, the characteristics of materials and the preferences of different markets. Singform has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, and has complete pre-sales and after-sales services, based on which to provide customers with the best OEM/ODM solutions.

car mats customized design
👆Customized Design

exclusive antislip nail bottom
👆Exclusive Anti-Slip Nail Bottom


Is your car mat smelling, starting to slip, or getting dirty? It's time to throw away the old car mats that can't be used, and upgrade them to all-weather vacuum-formed car mats that can handle all kinds of conditions. If you need more detailed business solutions, such as Amazon, ebay, Alibaba and other e-commerce needs, or wholesale manufacturing in physical stores, you can contact us. Singform may not be the cheapest, but it's definitely a good partner for you to step into the business world.


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