Preparation for rushing up the mountain to see the snow

December 24,2021
Preparation for rushing up the mountain to see the snow

Taiwan is located in tropical and subtropical regions, and in low- and middle-altitude areas, snow is usually not seen. However, under cold currents and sufficient moisture conditions, high-altitude mountainous areas will usher in a rare snow season. Many people who are excited will think about rushing up the mountain to see the snow. But when you drive up the mountain, are you fully prepared? Here are a few things you need to pay attention to:

Tips for driving to see the snow

Customized car mats

Generally, the original car mats are carpeted. Once your feet are covered with snow, not only the mats but the car will be wet and muddy. The slippery car interior will also affect driving safety. Therefore, it is very important to have a set of car mats that fit perfectly. It not only fits perfectly, is dustproof, waterproof, and easy to clean, but also covers most of the floor space in the car, providing the most complete protection.


Generally, the tires for driving on flat roads are not suitable for snowy roads. At this time, the roads are already frosted in low temperatures, and it is even more difficult to move on snow. Unless you have changed your tires specifically for walking in the snow, preparing snow chains is the best choice.


When you park on a snowy mountain, the windshield will easily become frosted after a while, which will affect the line of sight of the vehicle. Therefore, prepare defrosting tools such as plastic scrapers, deicing spray, boiling warm water, and glass cleaner. etc. Or use the warm air in the car to slowly melt the frost, but this method is relatively fuel-intensive and time-consuming.

Reserve supplies

In addition to going to the mountains to watch the snow while eating instant noodles and drinking hot tea is a great treat, but you should also prepare lighting tools for the longer nights with shoes ready for walking on the road. It is also possible that you cannot go home because of heavy snow and road closures. At this time, you will feel fortunate that you have brought more supplies.


The snowy mountains are beautiful, but their own safety is more important, and other things like five oils and three waters, car lights, and other equipment must be checked before the trip. And if your car mats are a perfect fit all-weather 3D car mats, fully-enclosed car mats, it will save a lot of effort for cleaning the car after you go home, and it can also provide more protection for driving safety.


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