Cleaning and maintenance of car mats

September 03,2021
Cleaning and maintenance of car mats

Car mats have always been the most easily soiled parts inside the car. When you and the passengers in the car enter the car, the dirt, dirt, debris, bacteria, and mold from the outside will stick to the soles of the shoes, which will contaminate the car mats. The food and drinks you bring in the car will directly or indirectly soil the car mats. In the rainy season, you will bring in moisture from the outside, or directly absorb the moisture in the car mat, which will increase the chance of mold and dampness, and will further affect the maintenance of the original carpet in the car, which will be easily damaged.

On the web and even have friends to share her husband's love of camping and fishing and other outdoor activities, even though the car wash every month, but still often dirty car mats situation, let his wife sit down every time the car feel in a bad mood It can be seen that if the car mat is not well maintained, it will even affect the harmony of the family. Therefore, here are some cleaning steps for you, so that your car mat can be kept clean at any time to extend the life of use:

Introduction to car mat cleaning

General cleaning tips

For the daily cleaning and maintenance of the car mat, as long as it is not too dirty, you can pick up the car mat and pat it to shake off most of the dust, and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the finer dust. When focusing on epidemic prevention nowadays, you can also spray the surface with a sterilization spray to destroy most of the generation of bacteria, viruses, and molds, so that the environment in the car can be more at ease.

If more than simple daily maintenance procedures, has been unable to save your car beyond recognition pad, the following will be on the market two different materials car mats to make a more detailed description of cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning and maintenance of plastic car mats

The advantage of the plastic car mat is that it has very low water absorption and is even completely waterproof, which can prevent moisture absorption and damage other parts in the car with the greatest probability. The dust, debris and other contaminants that fall on the plastic car mat can be cleaned by routine maintenance procedures. If there is dirt that is not easy to remove, you can use a soft brush with a neutral detergent to remove the dirt.

Furthermore, if you really encounter stubborn dirt that cannot be removed, you can use a high-pressure water gun for strong cleaning. Finally, please remember that the car mat must be completely dry before reinstalling it in the car. Also, please avoid using high-acid or high-alkaline chemical cleaners, or use high-strength items such as iron brushes for scrubbing, so as not to damage the car mat itself. Numerous scratches and corrosion will make it easier to get stuck in dirt and germs.

Cleaning and maintenance of carpet car mats

Carpet car mats are the most common and classic equipment of the original car models, but compared with the most commonly used plastic car mats of today's car owners, his advanced cleaning and maintenance are relatively time-consuming and laborious. First of all, you must take the car mat out of the car, and perform a complete vacuuming, and surely remove most of the dirt, dust, particles and other pollutants on the car mat. The cleaning part is the same as the plastic car mat. Soft brush with a neutral detergent to scrub clean car mats can also remove old odor.

After scrubbing, depending on the material of the car mat carpet, it is generally recommended to dry it in a cool and dry place. Some carpets will be damaged by direct sunlight. After waiting for complete drying, you can also spray an easily volatile sterilizing spray to give passengers in the car more peace of mind.



The daily cleaning and maintenance of car mats is very important. It can not only provide a comfortable environment in the car, but also prevent the moisture and residual pollutants absorbed by the car mats from damaging the car interior components and the health of passengers. Reduce the external cost that you have to spend a lot of money to do car beauty because you have not been cleaned for many years.


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