Effects of sun exposure on car interiors

April 29,2022

When we produce car floor mats, dash cover and other interior accessories for automobile manufacturers, we must go through many destructive tests, such as flame resistance, abrasion, odor and other tests, to ensure that the car floor mats can withstand various tests. The most unpreventable element is sun exposure, which is accompanied by ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can easily cause oxidation, discoloration, and embrittlement of the interior during prolonged exposure to sunlight. Not only the interior, but the exterior of the car has an even bigger impact.

Car maintenance's worst enemy: sun exposure

Damage to car interior

Taiwan is located in a subtropical region, and the sunshine is very strong. As long as you drive out, you will inevitably suffer from the sun. Even if the car sheet metal and glass are all coated, the influence of sunlight is still pervasive, especially under the influence of the temperature rise inside the car and the alternating temperature difference of the air conditioner, it will also affect the interior trim parts. The interior that will bear the brunt of the impact may be above the instrument panel, steering wheel and seats, which may experience cracks, discoloration and embrittlement from prolonged exposure to the sun, and even interior carpets and other trims may experience similar conditions.

How to protect?

Fortunately, a variety of accessories are now available on the market, allowing car owners to replace accessories that are damaged by the sun. For example, related products manufactured by Singform include dash cover, car floor mats, and seat covers, car truck mat, etc. They are made from carefully selected high-quality raw materials, so they are more durable and save maintenance costs.


When you need new parts to replace damaged parts, many people will now buy products with high CP value on the Internet, but what they actually receive may be inferior products that have not undergone strict quality control. It is better to go to the local auto department store, after-sales service of the original automobile company, or inquire about the relevant parts from the auto manufacturer, which can not only provide a more complete after-sales service, but also ensure the quality.


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