How to check car floor mats?

September 02,2022

Car mats will begin to wear out with long-term use, and need to be replaced in severe cases. If there is no update, the thinned car mat will not be able to produce a cushioning effect, and then wear to the original carpet, and the driver and passengers will gradually feel uncomfortable. The frequency of entering and leaving the vehicle, dirt, food, and liquid will reduce the life of the car mat, and if the original carpet is affected, the replacement cost will be even higher. Therefore, under the right conditions, regular replacement of car floor mats can be a good choice.

Check points for car mat

Hinder driving

In some online videos, you will see the accident when the car mat slips and gets stuck on the brake, if the car mat affects your driving condition. There is a chance that the accelerator and brake pedals will be interfered with. For safety, please replace the car mat as soon as possible.

Free car mat

When the car mat often slides and cannot be fixed, it means that the car mat has been worn to a certain extent, which may be caused by dirt, mold, and wear. It is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.

Wear and tear

This is an obvious reason. When there is wear and tear, replace the car mat as soon as possible, because the old car mat has no function and will seriously affect the driving and the original carpet.

Bad odor and mold

When the odor and dirt of the car mat reach a level that cannot be cleaned, it means that the stubborn dirt and odor have been deeply rooted, and it is easy to mold or breed bacteria, which will also affect the health of passengers in the car.


The above does not represent all the inspection items. Car floor mats are a spare part that needs to be replaced regularly. According to the usage conditions, the following are the recommended service years of various car mats : Carpet/EVA (1~3 years), Waterproof leather (3~5 years), TPE/TPR/Rubber (5~7 years).



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