Guards protecting the dashboard: Dash cover

May 06,2022

Manufacturing a car is a very tedious and rigorous long process. Every part and accessory on the car needs to go through different tests to ensure that it can be durable and beautiful, and give the driver a safe and worry-free driving environment. Although the original automobile company has done tens of millions of inspections and tests, car owners still hope that their purchased vehicles can be better protected. Therefore, we will purchase additional trusted accessories to use, most of which are foot pads. Some car owners will also choose protective accessories on the dashboard, so that the driving vision can be guaranteed, and this area that is often exposed to sunlight can be better maintained.

Dashboard's protective layer: Dash cover

Avoid damage

The product we manufacture to protect the upper part of the dashboard is called "Dash cover", which can mainly avoid damage to the position caused by various external factors, such as high temperature and ultraviolet rays caused by sunlight, and the difference between high and low temperature will also have adverse effects. Over time, vehicles with or without dash cover can show significant differences, such as cracks and discoloration.

Keep clean

In the absence of any protection, the upper part of the dashboard is mostly made of plastic material. If it is cracked or aged, it is more likely to cause dust, dirt and scratches, and make the entire driving field of view look dirty. A mess will also lower the overall value of the vehicle.

Reduce reflection

Most dash covers are made of either plastic leather or plastic synthetic fibers. Since they are to be installed above the dashboard to form a protective layer and reduce the reflection and glare caused by the original area, be sure to pay attention to the material before purchasing a dash cover. Because many dash covers do not pay attention to this problem in the material selection, purely considering the cost, buying this kind of dash cover not only greatly reduces the durability, but also causes reflection and glare, which will pose a threat to driving safety. 

Adjust temperature

The dashboard area is often exposed to sunlight. A good dash cover should absorb and isolate most of the heat generated by sunlight, thereby adjusting the temperature inside the car and reducing the burden on the air conditioning system.


Singform mainly manufactures dash covers for original OEM/ODM, and would like to know which car models can see our products. Or if you have a commercial cooperation plan for related products, please contact us immediately, and we will have professional and experienced business specialist to contact you immediately.


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