May damage the elements of the car mats

August 27,2021
May damage the elements of the car mats

Taiwan straddles the tropical and subtropical climate zones. Most areas often have rain throughout the year, with high temperatures reaching 35°C and above. It is surrounded by the sea, the climate is hot and humid, and the air is salty. Also due to the narrow and dense population, most cars are often exposed to different outdoor environments, exposed to the high temperature of the sun and direct ultraviolet rays, causing the internal parts of the car to be damaged faster.

Even though the interior of the car is made of durable materials, the driver will bring various pollution factors such as dust, moisture, and soil into the car from the external environment, especially the car mats that are often stepped on. It is the first to bear the brunt. Here are a few reasons that may damage the car mats:


Envirnmental factors

High temperature and ultraviolet

Under the direct sunlight, high temperature and UV-recurring impact of Taiwan, may cause damage to the internal parts of the car. High temperature and ultraviolet rays can cause violent thermal expansion, contraction, and deterioration of car mats, which can easily cause cracks, deformation, fading, or peculiar smells. Therefore, it is very important to choose a car mat with a good material and pass the inspection. A strong material will extend the life of the car mat. The third-party inspection can also confirm whether harmful gases will be generated at high temperatures and the weather resistance of the car mat itself in different environments.


If you buy a plastic car mat, the product itself is relatively unaffected by humidity, but if it is a carpet-type car mat, the high humidity environment in Taiwan may make the car mat prone to moisture and mold. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the cleaning and maintenance of carpet-type car mats.

Human Factors

Foreign matter

Foreign substances may be solid or liquid. We often accidentally contaminate the car mats with food or other items that will be placed in the car (such as car perfume cans). Everyone’s hand shake or delicious chicken chop will be overturned and dropped directly or indirectly affected, depending on the different material of the car mat you use, there will be different levels of damage and pollution.

If left unchecked all year round, even make the original car carpet contamination, odor, mildew, embrittlement and other conditions are likely to occur. If you only clean it once a few years, you will lose blood in your purse. Please professional car beauty cleaning. If it is serious, the entire original carpet may have to be replaced. It is laborious and laborious. Therefore, it is very important to clean the car mats regularly.

Friction and scratch

As the name suggests, the car mat is the place we often step on, and the soles of our shoes often bring gravel, unidentified liquid, food debris, etc. from the outside, and even the placement of pet's paws and objects may cause damage to the car mat. Therefore, the cleaning of our own soles and the regular maintenance and cleaning of car mats can reduce the incidence of friction and scratches.


The above-mentioned factors that may reduce the service life of car mats, although they cannot be completely avoided, basic regular cleaning and maintenance can relatively extend the life of the car mats, and maintaining cleanliness can also reduce bacteria, viruses, molds, etc. The breeding and residue of vector bacteria will affect the health of the human body. For tips on cleaning and maintenance, I will write another blog introduction.


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