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June 2021 Recommended Items - Disinfection Mat, Absorbent Mat, Tainolin sterilization deodorant spray

June 18,2021

The anti-epidemic and disinfection mat set is Singform’s main hot-selling product this year. It has been adopted by major governments and corporate agencies during the epidemic. The products include disinfection blankets, absorbent blankets, and Tainolin sterilization, and deodorizing sprays. Infectious disease scientist Mary E. Schmidt believes that the COVID-19 virus can survive in shoe soles and synthetic fibers for 5 days, so it cannot be ignored that going out of shoes may carry the virus home. This set can allow homes and businesses to enter and exit by one more level so that most of the bad bacteria and dirt on the soles are eliminated, and the epidemic prevention measures are more complete. The following is a detailed introduction for you:

Disinfection Mat

Disinfection Mat made by Singform

There are many manufacturers on the market that sell disinfection mats, but many use existing blankets, which are directly cut and sold as disinfection mats, and many even use imported cheap blankets, which are used as high-grade disinfection mats or absorbent mats. Carpet earns more than five times the huge profits. The disinfection mat manufactured by Singform is specially designed and manufactured using commercial floor mat specifications. The full product line is made in Taiwan. With decades of rich experience and high-quality manufacturing technology, we can provide you with the best products.

Can the Disinfection Mat itself be disinfected?

The disinfection mat itself is a pure carpet, and the surface of the blanket does not have any anti-bacterial function. Then you must be wondering since it has no disinfection function, why is it called a disinfection mat? Its own disinfection function comes from the disinfectant sprayed on the surface of the carpet. The sole of the shoe is in contact with the disinfectant retained on the surface of the carpet after scraping the disinfection mat, and the bad bacteria and dirt on the surface of the shoe sole are removed. "Disinfection Mat" can also let users know the function of this carpet more intuitively.

Features of Disinfection Mat

This mat is made in Taiwan throughout the whole process. The quality of commercial floor mats and the relatively low price can be said to be a product with a high CP value. And its own carpet surface design has high and low groove surfaces, and the low grooves can effectively retain the disinfectant without quickly volatilizing the disinfectant. And when everyone walks outdoors, the soles of the shoes will definitely stick to different dirt. The high and low grooves allow you to rub and scrape the mud when you step on it so that the dirt on the soles can be efficiently removed.

The type of disinfectant used on the Disinfection Mat

This time we have launched a Tainolin sterilizing and deodorizing spray especially used on disinfection mats. The relevant features will be described in detail below. Do many people ask whether other disinfectants can be used? The answer is yes. Consumers can of course use the existing disinfectant, but they should be careful not to use high-concentration stock or micro-corrosive environmental disinfectant. This will shorten the life of the carpet and may not achieve the sterilization effect.

Absorbent Mat

Features of absorbent blanket

The absorbent mat matched with the disinfection mat is a blanket surface made with a special process. The monochrome system is simple and low-key. It is suitable for placing at the entrance and exit, and it is not obtrusive at all. The absorbent mat has a very strong water absorption effect, and a large amount of water is completely absorbed within 3 to 5 seconds, so the residual disinfectant in the pure sole is more than enough. This mat is available in small sizes for home use to large sizes for commercial use. You can contact us to order according to your personal needs.


Good partner for merchants on rainy days

Many businesses will lay ugly cardboard at the door when it is raining because they cannot buy suitable absorbent floor mats so that customers can step on the wet soles and dry the remaining raindrops before entering the door. However, the effect of the cardboard in absorbing moisture is always unsatisfactory. After entering the door, you can always see pools of water marks, which makes the room very humid. It takes extra time to dry it, and it will make people if you are not paying attention. Stepping on and slipping. This absorbent blanket from Singform is low-key and elegant, noble and inexpensive, affordable, strong in water absorption, complete in size, and high in CP value. It is very suitable for home and commercial use.

Cleaning and maintenance of the carpet surface

The cleaning and maintenance of disinfection mats and absorbent mats is very simple. For daily maintenance, you can pat the surface of the blanket to allow the obvious dirt and dust to fall off, then rinse with water and dry in a cool place. Unless there are obvious stains that cannot be removed, it is recommended Use a diluted neutral detergent and use a soft brush for partial scrubbing. In order to maintain the bonding between the carpet surface and the anti-slip bottom, please do not use strong alkaline and acid cleaners to clean it, so as to prevent the carpet surface from fading and carpet damage.

Tainolin sterilization deodorant spray

Sterilization and deodorization spray made for Disinfection Mat

Tainolin antibacterial and deodorizing spray is a product developed by Singform in cooperation with Nice Group. It is not sold separately by physical distributors. It can only be seen on the online platform of special cooperation. There are currently 500ml spray bottles and 4000ml supplements. Bottles can be purchased, please contact us for more information.

Bactericidal effect

The most basic sterilization function comes from 70% alcohol content. WHO officially certified that 70% to 75% alcohol content can remove most bacteria and viruses. The source of the COVID-19 epidemic, the coronavirus, is It is a virus with a mantle membrane, which can be effectively killed by alcohol. We have also passed the SGS laboratory test, and the E. coli sterilization rate is 99.9%, which effectively inhibits and eliminates residual pathogens. However, any anti-bacterial product is not a panacea, and some germs and viruses cannot be completely eliminated by alcohol. Therefore, self-prevention and cleaning are also very important.

Deodorizing effect

This product has exclusive Japanese odor source decomposition technology, which will capture and coat and neutralize odor source molecules in the space to remove odors. Among them is thymol. Thymol is named because it is extracted from thyme. It is a natural antibacterial ingredient and has been used since the birth of ancient civilization. The Sumerians burned thyme to purify the air and fight invisible germs. The Greeks and Romans used thyme as a medicinal product, believing that it has the energy to calm and purify the body. The combination of deodorization technology and thymol, one plus one is greater than two, not only coats and removes odor source molecules, but also fills the environment with fresh air.


The new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is constantly mutating and may even become flu. Therefore, epidemic prevention will also become normalized. It is believed that epidemic prevention measures in homes and commercial areas will not disappear after the epidemic subsides, and the gate of crowds will also become a top priority disinfection checkpoint, so epidemic prevention The disinfection mat set is definitely the product you need. It is not only good-looking but also safe for people to use.


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