How to have a great vacation in the invasion of Omicron

January 14,2022
How to have a great vacation in the invasion of Omicron

The Omicron variant is highly contagious and has a more pronounced ability to evade the immune system. After being discovered at the end of 2021, it became the main infection variant in the United States in less than a month, and in early 2022, cases began to be found in Taiwan. With the Chinese New Year approaching, it is very important to spend this traditionally beautiful holiday safely.

Here are a few tips for you

The first level: masks

In addition to avoiding large gatherings, it is also necessary to maintain social distance as much as possible outdoors. Only by wearing a medical mask that meets the specifications and covering the mouth and nose properly can the initial infection through mouth foam be prevented.

Avoid crowded places

In addition to wearing a mask and avoiding putting yourself in closed or crowded places, you can greatly reduce the way you are exposed to the virus. If you really get the new coronavirus by accident, it can also make the epidemic adjustment easier and reduce the burden on the epidemic prevention medical system. become smaller.

Simple risk assessment

If there is really a reason why you must go, you should also carefully investigate the severity of the local epidemic, the popularity of vaccinations, whether you have been vaccinated, and whether you wear masks and disinfection measures at all times.

Get vaccinated now

While the Omicron variant has the ability to evade the immune system, getting vaccinated can reduce your chances of getting seriously ill and limit your ability to spread, especially now that a booster dose gives your immune system maximum protection.

Don't ignore the little details

If you have any symptoms of a cold, be sure to go to the doctor as soon as possible, if you happen to have a quick test kit around you, it will be the best! Now many of the early symptoms of the new crown variant are like a cold. If you can find it early, you can avoid the risk of infecting your family and other people earlier.


Wearing a mask and disinfecting are the most effective preventive measures. In addition, various germs can remain on the soles and surfaces for up to three days. In order to protect your family and yourself, the initial epidemic prevention starts at the door of the house. First, most of the dust and sludge are trampled and scraped on the disinfection mat, and then completely sprayed and disinfected. Finally, step on the absorbent mat to absorb the excess residual liquid, and the first step of perfect epidemic prevention is completed!

Epidemic prevention measures are not lazy, the virus will not come.

Remarks: For any epidemic prevention measures and new coronavirus information, please refer to the announcement of the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare.


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