How much do you know about the menacing Omicron?

January 07,2022

Although Omicron's symptoms are very different from Delta and even earlier strains, he still poses a great threat, and the usual epidemic prevention measures cannot be neglected.

Features of Omicron

More powerful contagion

Omicron's storm-like spread of infection speed makes everyone in the world feel a great threat. When people were tired of epidemic prevention and believed that the epidemic was going to pass, Omicron captured many cities with lightning speed, and its incubation period was shortened from one week to three days or less.

What are the main symptoms?

For people who have been vaccinated, most of the symptoms of Omicron infection are like the common cold. The more common symptoms include coughing, fatigue, nasal congestion, and runny nose. However, it is different from the symptoms of the previous strain, and loss of taste and smell is not common. The above symptoms are reports of early cases of Omicron, not a formal medical study, so we must be more rigorous in epidemic prevention on weekdays.

The importance of vaccination

American infectious disease expert Dr. William Schaffner explained that people who have been vaccinated with more than two doses of the vaccine will usually have milder symptoms than those who have not been vaccinated. Many countries have even opened up to the fourth dose of vaccination. Starting from 2022/01/07, my country has also opened the supplementary dose of the COVID-19 vaccine base for people over 18 years old. "" inquires about the vaccination institutes and the label of the vaccination. The detailed information is mainly from the "CDC".


The tenacity of COVID is beyond people's imagination. According to the urge of experts, we must step up the pace of vaccination to avoid burdening the medical system and reduce the risk of severe illness. People who are already exhausted from the epidemic should take strict measures to prevent the epidemic. They must wear masks, disinfection, and real-name registration when going out.

Viruses can also be hidden in unexpected places, such as the floor or shoe soles. Singform has also developed a disinfection blanket set based on this situation to make your epidemic prevention life more perfect.


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