Items to bring when traveling by car

August 26,2022

As the epidemic prevention policy is gradually loosened, domestic tourism is gradually recovering, and the crowds in various scenic spots are endless, and everyone can't wait to drive their own car for a self-driving tour. On the way of self-driving tour, forgetting to bring some items will always be embarrassing. Here are some self-driving must-bring items recommended for you.

Sun Protection

Extremely hot climates are frequent year by year, the UV index is relatively severe, and UVA rays can penetrate car window glass. Even if you turn on the air conditioner with the windows closed, you must use various sunscreens. Such as sunscreen or sunscreen clothing, not only can reduce the chance of skin damage and disease, but also keep the skin delicate and not rough due to sunburn.

Power Bank

Now is the era of one smartphone per person, and even smart watches, wireless Bluetooth earphones and other devices. If there is no power and no power bank, it will be really tragic. Even some large-capacity mobile power supplies can be used for emergency charging when the car breaks down.

Portable Pillow

Even the most luxurious car, with its most luxurious interior, can be uncomfortable to sit in for hours. And a comfortable, easy-to-carry pillow makes everything better.

Enough Cash

Mobile (cashless) payment is very convenient, but in non-urban areas you may not be able to buy the things and food you want. Many traditional snack bars and suburban scenic spots still use cash to pay, so it is very important to bring enough cash.

Spare Tire and Tools

A flat tire is a very disturbing problem. If it is in an area with convenient transportation, the rescue vehicle is very easy to reach, but if it is in a remote mountain or scenic area, it may take a long time to wait for rescue. Therefore, it is very important to prepare a spare tire and tools.

Medicine Box

Always have a medical kit ready in the car, and make sure it has unexpired disinfection and dressing supplies, as well as ready-made medicines. For emergency use and first aid when traveling, doing outdoor activities, or getting sick from a car accident.

Jumper Cables

Car battery drains always come suddenly, and Jumper Cables are often forgotten. Put a set of Jumper Cables in the car at any time. If the battery is out of power, you can ask passersby for help, ask to jump the power, let the car charge to a startable state, and drive to the nearby repair shop to replace the new battery.

Enough food

This will be the most important part for most people. No matter whether the driving journey is smooth or congested, you can enjoy food and drinks comfortably in the car, and there is enough food to replenish energy after outdoor activities. .



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