A first look at a zero-carbon future

March 18,2022
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In 2021, under the guidance and subsidy of the government, Taiwan's first demonstration factory with negative carbon emissions will be established in Chenggong University, which represents a very important significance, which is the importance of carbon neutrality in the future. Taiwan is expected to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. The first line of impact will fall on the petrochemical plastics industry, and other industries will inevitably be affected, and the future is bound to move towards a zero-carbon era.

Industrial development for a zero-carbon future

Initial development of negative carbon emissions

According to the preliminary development plan of Taiwan's first negative carbon emission demonstration plant, it is mainly divided into two parts, one is carbon dioxide capture and purification, and the other is to alkylate the purified carbon dioxide for reuse, so as to achieve negative carbon emissions. Purpose. And cooperate with several domestic leading enterprises to study more efficient negative carbon emission benefits, and achieve a win-win situation, so as to refer to other domestic enterprises and become an international model.

Zero Carbon Era

The wave of international decarbonization is mainly blowing from Europe and the United States to the world. Europe and the United States have been developing and promoting carbon management policies earlier than other continents. The "Glasgow Agreement" reached at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in 2021 is the first UN climate agreement to mention the issue of fossil fuels, which in turn affects countries around the world. The EU has also developed a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), which requires foreign importers to meet carbon emission standards from 2026, or to attach a carbon certificate for product purchases. This has a huge impact on manufacturers exporting to the EU, and if the company does not meet its carbon neutrality target sooner, the export business may suffer.

The practical case for carbon neutral life

According to Alibaba's 2021 carbon reduction bill report, it also provides many ways to refer to, for example, all servers in China adopt liquid cooling technology, instead of blowing air-conditioning all day, the store that can save a year is close to the Three Gorges Dam Annual power generation; effective AI technology can be used to divert traffic flow, and the traffic congestion rate can be reduced by more than 15%; if the express AI packing algorithm can be more popular, the outer packaging of each package can be greatly reduced, reducing the use of box materials; If idle items in the home can be circulated more quickly, a circular industry that assists the flow will reduce users' carbon footprints.

The above are all examples of more life-like activities. Of course, there are many ways to reduce carbon footprint and promote carbon neutrality. Every step we take can also make the country's carbon neutrality goal faster.


Ordinary people can reduce the stacking of idle items, turn idle circulation into useful use, and implement actions such as resource recovery, paperless, and electronic; industries can recycle various raw materials, defective products, etc., or release their own Excess carbon quotas are sold to other manufacturers in need, and can also assist in recycling and manufacturing. Not only a win-win situation, but also to achieve the real carbon neutrality goal and contribute to the sustainable development of the earth.

Remarks: Some contents are quoted from Business Times and United Daily News

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