Things to do after buying a new car

November 11,2022
Buying a new car is a very important thing in life, and there are some things that you have to pay attention to when buying a new car. The following points are provided for car owners as a reference.

Car insurance

When buying a new car, you must take out compulsory insurance, but the compulsory insurance only protects the personal injury of others other than the driver, and the damage to the car body is not covered. Therefore, insuring a car body insurance for a new car, in addition to being prepared for a rainy day, can also reduce the loss of money after an accident occurs. Basically, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The car body insurance is divided into three basic types: Type A, Type B, and Type C. According to the insurance company, the conditions of the person to be insured, and the type of car, the rates will be different, so it is very important to shop around. Some people even purchase excess liability insurance to protect themselves in order to prevent them from hitting a sports car and causing them to be unable to pay. Of course, insurance is secondary, and safe driving is the most important.

Inspection and Maintenance

Whether you buy a brand-new vehicle or a second-hand car, it is absolutely indispensable whether it is pre-factory acceptance or post-maintenance maintenance. Excellent car dealers will provide consumers with a certain period of warranty period, so during this period the major defects of the car can be repaired in time. And regular maintenance is also very important, forgetting this thing is equivalent to letting the vehicle quickly enter the ranks of scrap cars.

Read the manual

Most people don't read the operation manual before going on the road. Nowadays, driving technology is changing with each passing day. If you are too lazy to read the manual, you must ask the business personnel or maintenance technicians. You must know your vehicle clearly before you go on the road, so as not to cause distraction due to unfamiliar operation, and affect driving safety.

Suitable car mat

Most new cars come with carpet mats, a classic type of mat. Nowadays, people are very busy and outdoor activities are very popular, so most of them will be replaced with easy-to-clean and waterproof car mats. However, there are many inferior products on the market. If they cannot fit closely with the model or are easy to slide, it is easy to jam the accelerator or brake pedal and cause danger.

Automotive sun control film

The weather in Taiwan is very hot, so it is very important to stick a automotive sun control film on the car that can isolate the heat source and ultraviolet rays. In addition, many car owners are very concerned about privacy, so they prefer to use automotive sun control film with low light transmittance. However, it is very dangerous to drive at night with low light transmittance. According to the regulations of many countries, it is recommended that the light transmittance of the windshield should be above 70%.

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