How to choose a commercial mats

September 17,2021
How to choose a doormat

The previous article introduced the benefits of buying commercial floor mats, but how do we choose?

Selection conditions

Placement location

There are two main locations for placing commercial floor mats: outdoor or indoor. Although these two options may seem trivial, they are very important. Because the climate of each country and city is very different, and the flow of people to and from the customer group is also different. If you use indoor floor mats outdoors, because of the difference in materials, there are also climates such as sun exposure, snow, and heavy rain. Waiting for the impact, in the doorway with a lot of people, it will soon be worn out and damaged.

Material selection

As for the raw materials of commercial floor mats, the most common ones on the market are the following:

Coir mats

Coir fiber material is currently a floor mat material that small businesses and even households like to use. This type of floor mat almost has prompt messages such as printed welcome and business signs, and its coarser fiber can remove the dirt on the sole of the shoe. Pollutants such as dirt, gravel, and soil are scraped off, and it can be placed outdoors all-weather, and the cost is relatively low.
The disadvantage is that its own material causes great resistance to wheels such as wheelchairs and strollers, and it is also flammable, and the fibers are easy to fall off and difficult to clean.

Carpet floor mats

This is the most common type of floor mat. Nowadays, manufacturers have developed many different carpets, which have different characteristics due to their different materials, additives, and weaving methods. There are several main characteristics of carpet-like floor mats, including water absorption, easy customization, easy installation and maintenance, wear resistance and scraping ability, but generally it depends on the difference in production technology and raw materials.

Plastic mats

All-plastic floor mats are usually used in workplaces where the flow of people is high and heavy machines and tools often pass. Because of their durable nature, they can cope with harsh environments. And provide outstanding anti-slip function, so that the workplace can be safer and easier to clean.

Integrated mats

Of course, there are also floor mats that combine the above materials, such as the Anka mat produced by Xinfeng, which is based on PVC floor mat components and can be flexibly matched with carpets with different functions, making it a commercial floor mat with many advantages.

Size and customization

The atmosphere and purpose of the business place determine the size and customized content you need. For high-traffic places and customized printing patterns, it is suitable to choose large-size floor mats. If it is a small business or to create an atmosphere, it is suitable for small-size floor mats. 

Maintenance and cleaning

Floor mats are places where people often walk, so they need to be cleaned and maintained very often. Some people need to throw the floor mats into commercial washing machines for washing, and some people use high-pressure water jet cleaning. According to different needs, there are different production processes. If you have special needs or have any questions, you need to ask For professional factories or distributors, Singform can also provide you with professional consultation.


In addition to achieving beauty and enhancing corporate image, commercial floor mats can also be selected based on the above points. It will help you to buy a commercial floor mat suitable for your company. However, in real life, there are many factors that cannot be chosen and considered. If you still cannot choose a mat that suits you, or have other questions, please contact us. Our professionals are happy to discuss and consult with you.


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