Home Decor First Choice: Flat Woven Rug

April 22,2022
How to choose a doormat

Whether your floor is tile, stone wash, special paint, or wood, buying a rug for decorative or other practical purposes is inevitable. A rug can be placed from the entrance door to the floor of the back balcony, making the perfect match according to your decor style, color and purpose. The most popular of all time is the "flat weave rug", whose simple design and color make it the most versatile choice.

Flat-woven rugs: the easiest option

The choice with the highest CP value

Simple design, simple color, because of its simplicity, it is also more durable. According to the user's preferences, you can choose cool or warm colors, and make the most suitable match according to the style of the home. If you want to increase the intensity of light reflection, it is recommended to choose light colors; if you want a calm mood, you can choose beige; if you want a vibrant atmosphere, you can consider blue; while orange represents joy, red The department represents enthusiasm, the purchase is made according to personal preferences, and the price is relatively approachable, which can be said to be the choice with the highest CP value.

Carpet Material

When choosing a carpet, you should first choose the material, not the appearance. Because after all, a carpet may be used for more than ten years, and long-term maintenance is very important. Instead of choosing a good-looking and cheap carpet that has been used for less than a year, it costs extra to replace it. For example, wool material is not easy to generate static electricity, it can be maintained very well after regular use, and is a very tough natural material; while the material of jute or plant fiber is very durable and environmentally friendly, and it is also easy to clean. However, it is not recommended to use chemical cleaners to clean up, so as not to damage the material itself.

Carpet Thickness

Different carpet thicknesses have different tactile sensations. Those with long piles are mostly soft and fluffy, and give people a warm feeling; those with short piles are easier to design different patterns, which are suitable for users who like different changes.

Carpet Size

In the end, it is necessary to measure the size according to the place where it is placed. If it is placed in the living room, it is recommended to follow the width of the sofa, so that the sofa can step on the edge of the carpet a little more. Yes, to reduce the chance of carpet damage. If it's in a dining room, place a larger rug so that the dining chairs won't trip over it when moving.

Advantages of flat weave rugs

It is easier to integrate with all textile elements in the living environment (such as curtains, pillows, blankets, etc.); it gives a sense of continuity to the home style; amplifies the sense of space, especially with light-colored carpets; it is less likely to scratch furniture or other decorations; Easier to find large sizes etc.


Flat-woven rugs are the safest option to choose, and are also more integrated with existing decorative styles, providing users with a comfortable and attractive feeling.


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