Gym/Factory Floor Mat Choices

September 08,2022

Gyms have many similarities to factory floor mats, and if you don't pay attention to this small and important aspect, it can affect your athletic or work performance.

Points to note when choosing gym/factory floor mats

Easy to clean

There will be many people in the gym and factory, and the soles will also carry a lot of dirt and contaminate the floor, as well as the lubricating oil of fitness equipment/machine equipment, the chemical solution of operating machinery and equipment, and the sweat of hard exercise/work will stain the floor. Daily cleaning is better than long-term maintenance, so "easy to clean" is a very important feature. Simple cleaning every day can save a lot of the cost of major cleaning in the future.


The contact between the floor mat and the sole can cause appropriate resistance, so that we will not slip for various reasons when operating various equipment. Therefore, you can use up the maximum and go to fitness or work with more confidence.

Easy to install

Labor costs are always the highest, and if a contractor is required to install floor mats for our gym or factory, it is bound to be a huge cost. Therefore, a product that can be easily DIYed will be the greatest boon, not only can it be purchased at a cheaper price, but also save the cost of manual installation.

Reduce noise

Gym/factory will have movement patterns that have a high chance of placing heavy equipment or tools on the floor. Upstairs and downstairs occupants may protest severely without noise-reducing cushioning, and may also generate noise in a limited space.

Shock absorption

If there is no cushioning between the equipment and training methods in the gym and the floor, it may cause joint pain or chronic injury in the feet. Almost all factory workers have to stand for a long time, so it has a certain shock absorption and buffering effect, which can reduce the burden on the joints and muscles of the feet.

Choosing the right plastic floor mat can reduce injuries in various occasions, thereby improving daily life and work performance. Singform has the ability to produce PVC floor mats with two thicknesses of 3mm/5mm, which are not only durable, weather-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, but also provide a Taiwanese boutique choice for consumers who are choosing such floor mats.



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