How to prevent sliding of doormats/floor mats

September 23,2022

Your floor mats/carpets slide a lot and you can slip and fall if you're not careful. This is a very dangerous thing, even if you pay attention often, you will be injured if you are not careful. So keeping the doormat from sliding is a basic and important priority.

How to prevent floor mats from sliding

The function of anti-slip bottom

Many different types of floor mats have different bottoms. Since the floor mat is not a hard object, it is easily deformed and moved by external forces, so a good anti-slip bottom is very important. Usually cheap floor mats are thin and light, and the chance of slippage is particularly high. The least chance of slippage is the floor mat with heavy weight and rubber bottom, which is strong, durable, non-slip, washable and not easy to curl.

On carpet or hard floor

Most floors are carpets or floors, and only a few are other materials. No matter what type of floor it is, it is very important to choose a suitable anti-slip bottom, preferably a rubber bottom or other plastic bottom, and the bottom design of other materials should be based on the anti-slip of the floor as a reference condition for selection.

Trap under the mat

Before laying floor mats, make sure that the area is clean. Dust, dirt and sand on the floor can greatly reduce the slip resistance of the floor mats, which can pose a risk.

Strengthening measures

If the floor mat still slides no matter how it is adjusted or cleaned, you can refer to the following methods. The first is to stick the anti-slip tape on the bottom of the floor mat, and the second is to purchase a slightly sticky anti-slip mat and lay it between the floor and the floor mat.

The above guide is very suitable for the selection and adjustment of home floor mats. If it is the entrance of a commercial place, you can refer to the embedded customized floor mats, which not only have heavy-duty plastic and aluminum alloy composite materials to choose from, but also durable and easy to clean. .



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