The benefits of using commercial mats for businesses

September 10,2021
How to choose a doormat

The entrance of any enterprise and business is in a high-traffic area, why not use this opportunity to try to attract the attention of these potential customers? You can place commercial floor mats with printed company LOGO or specific messages at the door, or use commercial floor mats with specific functions. Not only can you achieve the effect of alternative advertising, you can also initially remove moisture and dirt on the soles.

The function of commercial floor mats

Advertising effect

Whether it is a business located in a commercial building or a business on the street in a busy area, it is basically necessary to establish an image and publicity for your company. Print the LOGO or the product and image to be promoted on the commercial floor mat you place at the door, which can effectively attract the attention of pedestrians. If your office is located in a building, it can also be placed at the door to let visiting customers feel the image and ambition that your company wants to build.

Cleaning effect

Commercial floor mats are usually placed in areas with heavy traffic. The floor mats are made of more functional materials, and they will pay more attention to water absorption and durability. A good commercial floor mat will initially scrape and absorb dirt, dirt or moisture from the sole to keep the internal environment of the building clean. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, disinfection mats that can be used for preliminary disinfection have even been developed to allow the epidemic prevention measures to provide more comprehensive protection.

Reduce operating costs

Commercial floor mats are usually made of durable materials and techniques, such as Anchor mats, Zig Zag mats, Cross mats and  Multi-Purposemats produced by Singform, which are very suitable for outdoor, doorway and high-traffic places throughout the year. If you are using cheap floor mats that are common on the market, they may be poor in terms of functionality and durability. Not only can they not effectively block external dirt and moisture, but also affect the internal environment. This has a huge impact on food vendors, medical fields, or gatherings of people with weaker resistance.

Use area segmentation

A special commercial mats can also make your place of business segments, such as segment outdoor dining area for you to place the product on the floor to do the initial layer of protection in an area prone to slip or dangerous to do warning effect , During the epidemic, let the people in line to keep a safe distance and other functions.

Beautiful function

In addition to practical functionality, you can also customize the patterns and specifications you want to create your own floor mats, or match the area to be placed, with aesthetic features as the priority. But the premise is that we will have a basic minimum order quantity to meet production costs.


You can take the above factors into consideration for making commercial floor mats, which can not only achieve the effect of brand promotion, attract potential customers, and maximize the effect of business goals. Commercial floor mats of different materials can also achieve different practical functions to keep the interior clean. The next article will introduce you how to choose commercial floor mats, depending on the characteristics of different materials, sizes, placement areas, etc. to consider.


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