How to choose a doormat?

August 13,2021
How to choose a doormat
When you have recently purchased a new house, or you always feel the same when you come home every day, you need a new doormat to be arranged at the door of your home, so that the overall feeling is full of freshness. Of course, it is not just freshness. In the current COVID-19 pandemic, some doormats have even added the practicality of disinfecting the soles of shoes. The following is a brief introduction to the importance of several doormats, and you can also introduce them according to these points. Come and choose a suitable doormat:

The importance of doormats

Cleaning function

Whether the doormat is placed outside or inside the door, its main function is to preliminarily remove the dirt brought back from the outside of the sole or sole of the foot, and it can also be used as the first checkpoint to block bacteria and viruses. Traveling for a long time, the dirt and germs brought back from the soles of the shoes are countless. Usually, you may not pay attention to it. However, when you are walking, the friction between the soles and the ground may spread the dirt and germs into the air and the floor. , It’s even more important to have a doormat.

In order to achieve the function of removing dirt, you can choose a surface design with a higher and a staggered height, and the friction between the sole and the doormat can achieve the effect of removing mud and dust. Or you can choose Xinfeng's disinfection blanket set. In addition to removing silt and dust, you can also spray disinfectant on it to achieve the sterilization effect on the soles and reduce the risk of bringing germs into your home.

Anti-slip function

Anti-slip is one of the basic functions of the doormat. Even if the ground is not wet, the floor material of the entrance is mostly made of smooth cement, wooden floor and tile. Therefore, it is relatively important to have a doormat with good anti-slip function.

Protective function

Floor damage usually costs you a lot of money to repair, why not buy a door mat with suitable size and good material to lay it, which can not only insulate the damage of dirt and moisture on the floor, and extend the life of the floor. Relatively, it saves you a lot of money to do renovations.

Door mat material

Common materials are made of raw materials such as metal fiber, plastic fiber or natural plant fiber, depending on your needs and preferences. If you want to achieve a more effective dust and mud removal function, you can choose tufted doormats, PVC doormats or crude fiber natural material doormats (such as coconut fiber doormats).

Decoration function

There are hundreds of designs and colors of doormats. The common doormat shapes on the market are rectangular, round and semicircular, etc. There are more choices in size and size. The current shopping channel is very convenient, and the pattern design is ever-changing, and it can also be customized according to personal needs. You can purchase it according to your home design and personal preferences, adding a touch of color to the overall living atmosphere.


Door mats can be used outdoors and indoors. Choose different materials and patterns to present a unique style and design for your home. On the other hand, online shopping and group-buying social media are prevalent nowadays. The price of doormats and the place of origin can be found through far-reaching online resources. The main difference lies in the after-sales service after purchase. The purchase of local manufacturers will be more secure in terms of return and customization.

If you have OEM/ODM requirements, you can also contact us directly. Singform Enterprise also provides some doormat retail and customized services, and can also introduce you to dealers who have cooperated with Singform for purchase.


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