How to clean the floor mat

September 24,2021
How to clean the floor mat

The main function of the doormat is to scrape mud and remove dust. It is placed at the entrance to preliminarily block the dirt on the sole. Because of this effect, it can reduce the time and cost of indoor cleaning. The dirt on the doormat will accumulate over time. If the doormat can be cleaned and maintained regularly, the service life of the doormat will be longer, the cleaning effect can continue to play a role, and the external cost will be minimized.

How to clean the floor mat

Washing machine wash

Washing with a washing machine is of course the most time-saving and labor-saving cleaning method. Can the floor mats be thrown into the washing machine for washing? First of all, each floor mat is just bought, and the product packaging should clearly record the raw materials and cleaning methods. If it is a cheap door mat that is not clearly marked on the market, it is not recommended to throw it into the washing machine. The bottom material of the main floor mats that can be machine-washed is preferably rubber. Other synthetic plastic bottoms are not recommended to be machine-washed, because of the difference in physical properties, they are easy to crack.

Use a vacuum cleaner

Over the past ten years, the technology of vacuum cleaners has changed with each passing day, and many vacuum cleaners can already clean floor mats very powerfully. Vacuum cleaning can remove most of the larger dirt. Other smaller particles depend on the suction power and brush head of the vacuum cleaner you use. Even now there are wet and dry vacuum cleaners that can be mopped while sucking, so that most of the floor mat surface fibers are cleaned.

Special carpet cleaner

There are many floor mat cleaners on the market, most of which are effective in deep-melting dirt, anti-bacterial, deodorizing, and protecting fibers. Reasonable use of detergents can make your cleaning floor mats easier, but there are different models. The effectiveness of the cleaning agent still depends on you to know after use.

Omnipotent hands

The above methods are all about the use of external tools, but the most commonly used cleaning tool is our hands. There are different cleaning methods according to different materials and production processes. If there are no such tools, the easiest way is to shake off the dust, grit and other materials, and then use a neutral detergent that is easily available on the market to gently scrub.


The daily cleaning and maintenance of floor mats is very important, but it is also easy to forget. Generally, doormats on the market are about 100 yuan, but they are easy to wear and get stuck in stubborn dirt, so it is not easy to clean and breed bacteria. And Singform's commercial mats are mainly for enterprises in the design, so the material is also used better, the general is full of easy to clean. If you are interested Singform's products, please contact us.


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