Five reasons why you should not buy cheap floor mats

October 08,2021
How to choose a doormat

Floor mats are usually placed at homes, restaurants, restaurants, schools, hypermarkets and other places where people come and go. The required functional characteristics are nothing more than anti-skid, dust removal, mud scraping, and moisture absorption. But before considering these practical functions, usually the first condition for people to buy a floor mat is the price, and the second is the beauty. Usually, the material and the production process are not paid attention to. But here are five reasons to tell you that you shouldn't buy a floor mat that is too cheap:

Five reasons


When people return to their homes or are about to enter a certain place, the function of the floor mat is to absorb moisture, remove dust and scrape mud, to prevent these foreign substances from entering the room. However, a cheap floor mat cannot achieve this function continuously. It may make you feel that there is no big problem at the beginning, but after a period of use or cleaning, it will become due to the factors of the material and production method of the cheap floor mat itself. The product cannot stop slipping, its function is reduced, and even the product itself appears cracks and curls, which may cause the user to slip or let moisture, dust and mud enter the room.

The more expensive the cheaper

From the perspective of the durability of the product, a higher-priced and good-quality floor mat will be more cost-effective than a cheap floor mat. If you buy a floor mat for 100 yuan, it will be useless in two months, and you will spend 3,000 yuan in five years. If you buy a high-quality floor mat for 1,500 yuan at the beginning, it can be used for five years. Isn't it relatively cost-effective?


Some floor mats are specifically designed to be used in workplaces, such as factory production lines, restaurant kitchens and other areas. Therefore, a good industrial floor mat can not only reduce the burden on the knees of employees who need to stand for a long time, but also reduce sick leave use relatively Chance. In addition, a good-quality floor mat usually has to go through many tests, so it is relatively safe in terms of material.

Corporate image

When you use cheap floor mats as your workplace or the facade of your company, the floor mats will soon be damaged in these places with a lot of traffic, and usually company employees will not notice the condition of the entrance door mats. Therefore, after a while, you will find a tattered floor mat placed at your door. During this period, you don’t know how many passersby have seen it, which will damage your corporate image.

Use in any situation

A good-quality floor mat can still maintain its basic functions in any weather or condition, and will not become moldy because of sudden drops in the temperature or because of a few days of rain.


Singform is an expert who specializes in manufacturing high-quality commercial and people’s livelihood mats. The above five reasons are in fact often heard. Many people bought cheap mats, but problems soon occurred, not only wasting time to repurchase, Also a waste of money. If you have any questions about the floor mats, you can contact us.


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