The color choice of the floor mat

November 29,2021
How to choose a doormat

In addition to choosing the size and material of the floor mat, the choice of color will also play an important role for the "person". Whether you are buying a home door mat or a business entrance mat, the basic external composition of the color is the basic tendency to choose a floor mat.

The color influence of the floor mat

The basic effect of color

The choice of color will initially be attributed to personal basic preferences, social trends, conformity to corporate image and other reasons, and different colors will also produce different psychological cues, affect personal emotions and emotions, and then affect the results of business communication. And research shows that more than 80% of people will affect their purchase intentions because of the difference in color.

How color affects commerce

Basically, when we were building a company, the corporate image, logo, uniforms, etc. were all closely related to color choices, and more than 90% of people would make quick purchase choices based on color. The color types, brightness, shadows, warm and cold colors of the floor mats may attract the appeal of different consumers.

The influence of color on consumers

  • Growth stage: Children like bright colors; elementary school students prefer green, yellow, white, black, etc.; adults like to call a single and steady color. But the above are only basic differences, and we must make judgments based on different growth environments, interests, and experiences.
  • Occupation: blue-collar workers like bright colors; white-collar workers like balanced colors; agricultural workers like complementary colors; senior managers like warm colors, black, etc.
  • Representative colors: such as green for postmen; red for firefighters; grass green for soldiers, etc.
  • Social sympathy: seeing warm colors of red, yellow, etc., will think of sunset, sunrise, flames, etc., and give us a feeling of warmth; seeing blue and cyan will think of the sea, and give us a cold feeling.
  • Color psychology: Appropriate use of color can attract customers, reduce fatigue, improve efficiency, etc.; earth tones make people stable and mature; blue makes people calm; orange-red can increase appetite, etc.

But the above are only basic differences, and we must make judgments based on different growth environments, interests, and experiences.


Appropriate color matching for commercial and advertising can help customers enhance your brand awareness. The correct color allocation should take into account different factors such as consumers' national area, cultural cognition, gender, preference, religion, etc., and more advanced should also refer to the human brain cognition. The so-called eye-catching is to enable consumers' brains to immediately recognize the brand or product so that the company can achieve sales goals.


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