Prevention of Omicron starts with home cleaning and disinfection

January 21,2022
Prevention of Omicron starts with home cleaning and disinfection

Not long after the arrival of the new year, the sly virus of the Omicron variant began to affect our beautiful holidays. However, due to the fatigue of epidemic prevention, whether in the news or on the street, people can be seen outside casually taking off their masks and not complying with the real-name system. The most basic of epidemic prevention is to start from yourself, in order to minimize the risk of infection, let's start from "home" from now on!

Clean and disinfect your home

The importance of disinfection

Even if the chance of transmission through surfaces is much smaller than the chance of transmission from person to person, but even so, it is recommended to do daily disinfection and cleaning, according to research, COVID-19 can stay in the air for up to 3 hours, nearly 1 day on cardboard, and 3 days on plastic and stainless steel.

Regular household cleaning (non-human disinfection)

Cleaning with soaps or detergents with certified ingredients can reduce the number of bacteria on surfaces and reduce the risk of infection, and if you are a storefront or home with frequent people, you need to use a virus-killing sanitizer for cleaning.

Disinfectant cleaning products for home use

  • Qualified disinfectant wipes.
  • Qualified disinfectant or spray.
  • Chlorine-containing disinfectant (such as bleach water, hypochlorous acid water). .
  • 70 to 75% alcohol.
  • Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Reduces chance of surface contamination

If there are visitors at home, be sure to wear masks and sanitize hands with 70-75% alcohol. Before entering the door, you can also arrange disinfection mat and absorbent mat sets to initially clean the soles of visitors. This minimizes contamination.

Surface contamination hotspots

  • Mobile phones, tablets and other communication devices.
  • Switch panels (such as light switches).
  • Door handles and stair handrails.
  • Computers and Peripherals.
  • Desktop and cabinet surfaces.
  • Faucet.
  • Toilet.
  • Electrical appliances.

What should I do if a confirmed person has visited or someone has been diagnosed in my home?

  • High-risk contacts/confirmed persons should be isolated from other people in the home, and try to use separate bedrooms and bathrooms to reduce the area for cleaning and disinfection.
  • If you have to share the bathroom, schedule your use time and clean and disinfect before and after use.
  • Prepare rapid screening reagents, simply diagnose whether it is positive for the new coronavirus, and seek assistance from relevant medical and government units in due course.
  • At any time, do basic epidemic prevention, including wearing masks, maintaining indoor ventilation, reducing gatherings and going out, etc.


So far, according to experts, vaccination is still the most effective way to prevent the new coronavirus, and daily vaccination measures can greatly avoid the invasion of new variants, no matter whether you have received the third dose or just vaccinated. Only by following the advice of experts for epidemic prevention can you protect yourself and your family and reduce the risk of infection.

Remarks: For any epidemic prevention measures and new coronavirus information, please refer to the announcement of the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare.


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