Falls at work can be life-threatening

October 21,2022
The working area of the factory is always in contact with various substances such as lubricants, chemical solvents, raw materials, etc., and factory safety is also closely related to these substances. According to statistics from the Ministry of Labor, occupational accidents due to falls account for about 15% of occupational accidents every year, and if it is operating machinery or falling from high altitudes, the consequences can be disastrous.

Safe environment

The working environment should be carefully arranged and planned, preferably with experts who have received occupational safety, health and other management courses. Strict arrangements must be made in terms of mechanical equipment placement, personnel operation routes, electrical safety, raw material control, and hazardous substance signs. All kinds of prior preventive measures, risk management, and post-event damage control must have a complete set of plans, so that the safety of the working environment can be relatively guaranteed.

Labor safety training

Among the various industrial safety incidents, many of the causes of occupational accidents are the lack of safety concept. Many times, safety equipment is not used for the sake of quickness and convenience. Common personal equipment in the factory are hard hats, reflective clothing, safety shoes, etc. There are also all kinds of fences, anti-fall equipment required for working at heights, as well as gloves, masks, sound-isolating earmuffs, etc. required when operating various machines. Therefore, allowing workers to receive a fixed period of safety training seminars will help strengthen the concept of work safety and reduce the occurrence of occupational disasters.

Install anti-slip mat

Installing anti-slip mat can reduce the risk of falling. If you can achieve high-safety anti-skid pads that are non-slip, oil-resistant, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant, mineral-coated anti-skid pads are definitely the first choice. Not only can it reduce the impact of grease and chemical liquids, and avoid premature damage to the floor mat and lose its effectiveness, the rough surface can also greatly reduce the risk of slipping for workers.

In addition, according to different needs, there are also well-drained cross mat, which can be matched with heavy duty PVC mat that can withstand heavy pressure. Let the working environment achieve high safety, reduce the risk of injury for workers, make the factory run more smoothly, and make the company more profitable.



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