Anti-slip mats in the workplace

October 22,2021
How to choose a doormat

There are many risks in the workplace. Whether it is a restaurant, a factory, or other industries, it is inevitable that there will be oil stains, humidity, etc. in the work area. If the risks of work safety are not well controlled, slips and trips will often occur. As a result, employees may be injured, and the worst will be industrial safety incidents, causing the company to incur unnecessary external costs such as money and delayed delivery.

The following will briefly introduce a few places where non-slip mats can be laid so that you can refer to and reduce the risk of accidents.

Key areas for laying anti-slip mats

Entrance to various places

Whether it is indoors or outdoors, as long as there is a flow of people, there will be a chance of accidents, especially in the rainy season, snow season, and other weather factors that may cause slippery, or environmental factors such as slopes and smooth floors. Therefore, a non-slip mat can be laid at the indoor and outdoor entrances. A well-designed non-slip mat can absorb excess water in the sole and scrape off the sand, thereby reducing the risk of danger due to external factors.

Kitchen and similar areas

Kitchens and related areas where food is produced are basically places that are prone to slippage and oil stains. It is recommended to lay large mats that can absorb oil and water to make the overall work area safer and reduce the chance of accidents.

Industrial manufacturing site

Factories such as factories and other industrial manufacturing sites, due to machine and equipment operations, personnel walking, forklift, and related equipment factors, the overall environment is prone to contamination by oil stains, raw material fragments, and chemical residues, although some companies will have standing public officials responsible for them. Clean, but the large area cannot be fully taken care of. Therefore, it is recommended to lay down durable industrial anti-skid mats in the main operating areas and paths, and purchase them according to the characteristics of each area. If the operating area needs to absorb oil, you can choose oil-absorbing anti-slip mats. In the forklift operation area, non-slip and wear-resistant floor mats can be laid, and the original factory floor can also be protected.

Toilets and related areas

The previous article introduced the non-slip floor mats by the swimming pool. Similar drainage non-slip floor mats, such as tic-tac-toe mats, can also be laid in the bathroom area in the factory or dormitory to reduce the risk of slipping and injury.


It is very important to lay non-slip mats in the work area because as long as an employee is injured, it will affect the production schedule and delay the delivery. In severe cases, work safety accidents may occur, causing loss of life, and work may also be suspended and awaiting investigation by government agencies. Therefore, prepare for your business and workplace in advance, and purchase suitable non-slip mats as soon as possible!


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