Introduction to Cross Grip Mat

April 19,2021

I believe that many people will be very unfamiliar to hear the Cross Grip Mat, so the product may only be seen in some business places, such as humid working environments, swimming pools, and livestock farms.

Production of Cross Grip Mat

Singform's Cross Grip Mat material is made of PVC, all of which are formulated through our rich development and research experience. We appropriately use recycled materials and new materials to combine and use a specially developed stripping technology to overlap with the top and bottom. Manufactured by a stack bonding method.

Advantages of Cross Grip Mat

To bear the above point, its overlapping manufacturing method can create a certain space between the soles of the feet and the ground, which is conducive to the rapid removal of dirt and sewage, so it is very suitable for use in many business places, and its properties are oil-resistant, water-resistant, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant. , It is by no means a general cheap drainage board to compare. Many drainage boards have to be spliced, and there are often many scattered corners that cannot be laid in place. Singform's Cross Grip Mat can be conveniently cut and installed anywhere, and it is light and easy to clean. The spliced drainage floor needs to be disassembled one by one and then cleaned, which saves effort and time.

Application of Cross Grip Mat

And Singform's Cross Grip Mat has two different embossed patterns, which make it have an excellent anti-slip function, and the color and size gap are all designed differently. As shown in the picture above, you can choose densely according to the place to be laid. Clearance or general clearance; if the application site is not humid, such as the company gate, you can also choose the tic-tac-toe pad version spliced with the carpet; depending on the amount of water that needs to be drained, you can choose a two-row or four-row drainage design; there are also black Four basic colors of, gray, blue and red are available.


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