Non-slip floor mats for the pool

October 15,2021
How to choose a doormat

There are many types of anti-slip mats. The factory floor is wet and slippery with oil stains and other substances. Oil-absorbing floor mats or muti-perpose floor mats may be needed; Anchor floor mats with a customizable blanket surface, high durability and high strength can be used at the entrance of the company; in wet and slippery areas such as public bathrooms and swimming pools, there are cross mats and Zig Zag mats to choose from.

This article will first discuss the benefits of laying non-slip mats in areas such as swimming pools and public bathrooms.

Three benefits

Improve safety

Swimming pools or public bathrooms are places with a high flow of people. Even if there are rules that require customers not to run or other dangerous actions, they cannot be completely prevented. If you lay non-slip floor mats in these areas, you can reduce the possibility of customers accidents due to slippage, and most of these floor mats have drainage function, so the floor mat surface can be kept relatively dry most of the time, thereby improving safety .

Improve sanitation

The non-slip floor mat with drainage function mentioned above, and this function is very important. As long as you reduce the accumulation of water on the surface, you can not only reduce the risk of slipping, but also reduce the possibility of bacterial growth. It is also easy to clean and relatively hygienic.

Activity comfort

For people who are almost barefoot by the swimming pool, it is not suitable to lay an Anta mat with a rough surface. If the customer walks by or accidentally falls, it may cause the risk of injury. Therefore, it is very important to use suitable non-slip mats, such as Singform's Cross mats and Zig Zag mats.


In the end, the benefits of laying non-slip mats at swimming pools, public bathrooms and other similar business places are organized for you. Not only are anti-bacterial, easy to clean, easy to cut and lay, and the color is conspicuous, but you are still hesitating to choose which non-slip mat Woolen cloth? You might as well contact Singform as soon as possible, we can introduce you the advantages and disadvantages of different non-slip mats, so that you can make your choice.


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