Introduction to Anchor Safety Floor Mat

May 07,2021
安卡地墊自研發 除塵去汙效果佳 複合材質配妥洽 抗刮降躁極耐壓 整體設計高上大 排水設計又止滑 依照需求客製化 顧客滿意棒棒噠

Anchor Safety Floor Mat Introduction

Anchor Safety Floor Mat is self-developed floor mats developed by Singform for commercial buildings and factory stores with a large flow of people. According to the different needs of customers, it can be customized and matched with different kits to design exclusive floor mats. Each kit of Anchor Safety Floor Mat is inlaid with a piece of aluminum alloy to strengthen the strength, and both sides are designed with card slots to connect to other kits, so it can be more flexible in application. The carpet surface on the kit can also be changed and matched according to the needs of customers. Different placement places face different problems. There are carpet surfaces with different functions such as strong decontamination ability, strong drainage ability, and strong anti-skid ability. Singform has been operating on commercial floor mats for more than 30 years, designing and OEM for many well-known brands. The quality of the carpet surface is definitely high-end and durable, and it is by no means comparable to cheap floor mats on the market.


The advantages of Anchor Safety Floor Mat

  • Suitable for places with heavy traffic or frequent trampling
  • Overall beautiful, with high compression resistance
  • Fluent anti-slip and drainage design
  • Better shock/sound insulation effect
  • Strong combination structure
  • The carpet surface can be designed according to requirements
  • Easy to assemble


The characteristics of Anchor Safety Floor Mat

1.Lightweight and strong

It is composed of three composite materials, vinyl, and aluminum inserts, and NBR underneath. The Anka floor mat we designed and developed is lighter than the traditional aluminum floor mat. Its sturdy structure comes from the aluminum alloy inserted into the vinyl combination kit, and the weight per square meter reaches 145,500 kilograms.

2. Lasting stability

Anchor Safety Floor Mat has a ventilated design, drains smoothly, and is sturdy and durable. The NBR at the bottom not only has the functions of noise reduction and anti-slip but also provides stability, safety, and non-slip characteristics.

3. Easy to assemble

Before shipment, we will also cut out the basic kit to make it easier for customers to assemble.


Cleaning and maintenance of Anchor Safety Floor Mat

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove surface sand and dust. Dirty that is difficult to clean can be scrubbed with tools, and finally rinsed with water and dried.


Application of Anchor Safety Floor Mat

High-traffic entrances and exits for exhibition centers, commercial buildings, technology factory buildings, factories, hospitals, airports, department stores, banks, hotels, hotels, large shopping malls, etc.


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