How to choose car mats?

March 31,2021

It is very important to choose a suitable car mat. Incompatible car mats may easily cause sliding or rolling, which will affect driving safety. There are many general car mats on the market, which are easy to buy and cheap, but for the safety of driving, Stepping comfort, conforming to car specifications, aesthetics, and cleaning convenience are all car mat details that need to be paid attention to. This article will share with you 4 tips for selecting car mats so that you can find in the vast " sea of car mats" To your perfect car mat:

4 tips for choosing car mats

Tip 1: The material of the car mats is very important

There are many materials for car mats, such as Nylon, PVC, PET, PP blanket surface, etc. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as Nylon has a beautiful texture, PVC material is easy to clean, PET material has high CP value, and PP blanket The surface stitching has a sense of design, and all materials have their own characteristics. We are a professional car mat factory and can provide you with the most suitable car mat. You can decide on the appearance material. Our car mats are of good quality and will not have a peculiar smell And through SGS laboratory testing, we are most concerned about the quality of the material and the health and safety of the use.

Tip 2: It’s important to fit the car cushion

It is important to choose a special car mat. You will feel that the car mats on the market feel the same, so choose the general specifications. The advantages of the universal car mats are that they are easy to buy and cheap. The actual mats installed on the car are prone to gaps. Accumulation of dust makes the car more difficult to clean. Inappropriate car mats are also suspicious of driving safety. If the driver’car mats do not fit, it is easy to be affected by improper car mats when stepping on the accelerator or brake. It is dangerous and regrettable. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the car’s main selection of special specifications car mats ensure driving safety. The customized car mats have small gaps and will not protrude one piece on this site, but one less on the other side. Our car mats are made with cutting tools. The molding accuracy is high, so that the driver can easily install it directly, without additional self-cutting, and does not affect the accelerator pedal when driving, making it safer to use.

Tip 3: Anti-slip effect is very important

The anti-slip effect is something that many people don't pay attention to when buying a car mat, but we think there is nothing more important than this. How to choose a good anti-slip car mat? You can choose a car mat that meets the original safety buckle design (the original car needs this design), the bottom of the car mat has a fixed original devil felt (the original car needs this design), or the nail bottom with good anti-slip effect. They are all the safety design of the car mats attached to the original factory. You must use them when you re-purchase the car mats. Choosing a suitable car mat can prevent the mats from sliding when driving, which will affect the pedaling of the accelerator.

Tip 4: Clean and waterproof is very important

Car mats are highly waterproof, easy to clean, and easy to install. They are the characteristics that must be paid attention to when choosing. In the car, you will inevitably encounter the situation of eating and drinking overturning beverages. When it rains, mud and dirt are brought into the car. It is very important to clean well. We recommend the foot mats with high sides and grooves. Not only are they dirty and clean, but they can also be washed directly with water. The dust collection is high. The sand and mud will not be scattered everywhere in the car mat.

How to install the car mat?

Our car mats are all made in accordance with the appearance of the original factory’s safety regulations. They are completely fitted by knife molding and can be directly installed in the car without further processing and cutting. If your car’s original design has a safety buckle, The buckle ring can be fixed and installed, and we guarantee that the car cushion will not slide safely.


How to wash car mats?

Our car mats are highly waterproof and anti-fouling. It is easy to clean the mats. Just take the mats out of the car and rinse them with clean water. After cleaning, tap the mats with your hands to drain the water and get them. Blow-dry in a cool place.


We are a professional manufacturer of car floor mats and commercial floor mats (OEM/ODM). With 30 years of dedicated service and accumulated experience, we have served customers all over the world. We make car floor mats not only mats but to enhance the quality of cars. The advantages of our car mats are: safe and non-slip, comfortable and beautiful, dustproof, waterproof, easy to clean, no smell, no deformation, etc., whether you want to buy in small quantities or have a large demand for making car mats, Please contact us, we have a professional team to provide the best quality services and products.

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