Introduction of Disinfection Mat

May 14,2021

Introduction of Disinfection Mat

The disinfection mat can effectively absorb disinfectant and form the first checkpoint for epidemic prevention. Visitors can step on the disinfection mat before entering the gate to remove the germs on the soles of the shoes so as not to bring them into the active area. The soles of the shoes after contact with the disinfectant can absorb the excess disinfectant and dirt when they enter the second level absorbent carpet.

The disinfection mat allows all visitors who enter the home and office area to perform additional disinfection of the soles of the shoes that are most accessible to the dirt and germs in addition to the generally visible hand alcohol disinfection. To do the safest check in the area.

Advantages of Disinfection Mat

1. Check for regional security
2. Effectively absorb disinfectant
3. Comprehensive disinfection and mud scraping
4. Size customization

Use of Disinfection Mat

Spread the disinfection mat and absorbent mat flatly in the area to be laid. The disinfection mat is the first pass for visitors to enter and exit. Take a qualified and effective disinfectant and spray it evenly from a position about 30 cm above it, and it depends on the flow of people. Replenishing spray is recommended to replenish once in 2 to 3 hours. The absorbent mat is used to absorb the excess disinfectant and dirt on the sole of the shoe after stepping on the disinfection mat.

Cleaning and maintenance of Disinfection Mat

Use clean water to scrub by hand and dry naturally in a cool place. Do not wash with a washing machine or detergent.

Application of Disinfection Mat

Enterprise door, employee entrance, factory entrance, office entrance, home door


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