LOGO mat production process

July 09,2021

In the previous article, we introduced the disinfection mat, which has received feedback from many merchants. On the other hand, Singform was also asked a question, is there any customized LOGO mat, an exclusive mat specially designed for merchants? The answer Yes, Singform is a professional manufacturer of commercial floor mats. Of course, this kind of small CASE can't bother us. The following is an introduction to two common LOGO floor mat production processes and related introductions so that you can know more about your needs.

Printed LOGO mat


The characteristic of printed LOGO mat is that it is relatively fast to produce, can print many different colors, and presents the gloss of special material colors, such as metallic feeling. Although the floor mats of this inkjet printing method are more complicated than the production steps of general custom-made Sublimation floor mats, it is less likely to fade and fade, and can also be made with higher-quality and more durable floor mats. However, large machines are used in the production of this kind of floor mats, so there will be a minimum order quantity, and you can contact us to discuss the minimum order quantity.

How to make it?


Communicate with us the pattern and size you want to print, and confirm the final version.

Inkjet printing

Using a special inkjet, this type of inkjet can make the color more stable and not easy to fade on the carpet surface.

Curing treatment

Use high-temperature steam to make the color more fixed.

Washing treatment

Wash to remove the excess unfixed dye.

Dry treatment

High-temperature drying.

Flocked LOGO mat


The production of flocked floor mats is mainly to cut out the part of the pattern to be made on the basic carpet surface, flock the carpet surface of different colors, and perform related curing treatments to produce a complete pattern. The splicing method is the best option for businesses that need to make large mats, and it can also be produced in small quantities. However, due to the limitation of the production process, the color cannot be produced similar to the metallic effect. It takes time to make a single piece of mat There are also more materials.

How to make it?


Communicate with us the pattern and size you want to print, and confirm the final version.

Flocked production

Cut the unnecessary parts on the basic carpet surface, flock and glue the cut parts.

Fitting treatment

Fit the fabricated carpet surface to the anti-slip bottom.

Dust removal treatment

Carry out the final dust removal and inspection.


The above is a brief introduction to the production of two kinds of LOGO floor mats. I believe everyone has a basic understanding of these two crafts. If there is any incomplete or doubtful writing, or if you want to make special for your own business For patterned floor mats, you are welcome to write to us or call us for inquiries.

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