A good helper for merchants on rainy days – Rainy Mat

June 25,2021

The season of posting this article happens to be the rainy season. The weather in the past few weeks is really much different from the previous periods of no rain and drought, and the air is full of humid odors. Many motorcycle commuters will still get wet from the rain even if they are wearing raincoats and shoe covers. People who drive cars have to hold umbrellas. When they walk from the parking lot to the company, and when pedestrians on the road go to various shops, they will get it. The indoor floor is wet. In order to solve the troubles of the store and home in rainy weather, people after entering the door always make the floor wet. In response to the above and other conditions, Singform specially developed this “Rainy Mat” as a solution.

The raw material of Rainy Mat

Premium carpet material?

Now that international trade is prevalent, cross-border purchases are convenient, and many hundred-dollar carpets are often seen on the market. They claim to have strong water absorption and high CP value. However, after the actual measurement by netizens, the results obtained are almost all inconsistent. . In addition, some unlicensed businesses claim that their raw materials are made in Taiwan or imported from Europe, the United States, and Japan. Behind this rhetoric, most of the false information is propagated by propaganda. Therefore, if you want to buy carpets, you still have to buy a certified legal merchant. Do not buy pirated goods on social platforms or other places that claim to be cheap.

Singform has been affirmed by IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, and other international quality and environmental management system certifications, which is worthy of consumers' trust.

Raw material for Rainy Mat

The “Rainy Mat” of Singform is designed for the entrances of merchants through which the flow of people needs to pass. When it rains, everyone’s feet are covered with dirty rainwater, and raincoats, umbrellas, and other rain gear will also drip rainwater when it rains. Therefore, it is sunny and rainy. The carpet surface of the carpet chooses a strong water-absorbing carpet surface fabric. The raw material is composed of polypropylene fiber and rayon fiber, which is woven according to a special patented technology. It has the characteristics of strong water absorption and easy drying, and it is easy to clean. In addition, both polypropylene fiber and linoleum have biodegradability, which is the second material that is more environmentally friendly.

The anti-slip bottom slip is very important

PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride, has stable molecules, acid and alkali resistance, and is recyclable. The PVC anti-slip bottom of the Rainy Mat is manufactured by Singform one-stop, from the raw material to the finished product, we have rich experience and strict working attitude to control and manufacture, and reduce the risk of slipping on wet and rainy days.

The design of the Rainy Mat

A variety of sizes, one time to meet

The entrance of the business is a place with a large number of people, so the design is mainly large, which not only allows customers to step on it a few more times, then dry the soles of the feet, the cooler the interior, and the dryness is the most comfortable. A variety of sizes are planned and produced. For details, please call us on weekdays.

Cardboard OUT, slippery OUT

Discarded cardboard boxes, towels, and cheap floor mats, etc., are most commonly seen at the door of merchants on rainy days. They are used to absorb rainwater from customers, but these items are symptomatic and not a permanent solution, and they are not environmentally friendly. , Almost always have to be discarded once used, if it is reused, it is really unsanitary, and it is not resistant to dirt, and it is easy to breed bacteria. In fact, it is not a good choice. But not only can the Rainy Mat be reused, but it is also resistant to dirt, easy to clean and dry, not easy to breed bacteria, and looks good when placed normally. It will not look wet and dirty when placed at the door like cardboard, towels, and cheap floor mats.

Cleaning and maintenance of the carpet surface

The daily cleaning and maintenance of the Rainy Mat are very simple. You can pick it up to remove the dust, wash it with water and dry it in the shade. Because it is easy to dry, it does not take a long time to maintain it. If there is more obvious dirt, you can use a diluted neutral detergent to do local cleaning, rinse with water after cleaning, and dry it in a cool place.


The main purpose of the development and production of the Rainy Mat is to replace the cardboard and other items in the application scenario of rainy days, making the use more environmentally friendly, reusable, easy to clean and maintain, not easy to breed bacteria, and anti-dirt, so that the general public and businesses You can trust and use this product.


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