Factors causing damage to the waterproof membrane

July 01,2022

Select the waterproof membrane material and thickness suitable for the project needs, plus proper installation and you are almost done. As long as it is used and maintained normally, it can basically be maintained for more than 15 years. Of course, it will also be affected by many external factors, but knowing yourself and the enemy, winning every battle, and knowing more about the following main influencing factors can reduce the chance of damage to the waterproof membrane.

Foreign body puncture

If you choose a thinner waterproof membrane due to cost factors, it may be pierced by any foreign objects. Birds pecking on the ground, scattered gravel and friction from harder soles, etc., may cause punctures on the surface of the waterproof membrane, and some small holes are even difficult to find and repair. So before laying, try to level the ground, and do not place other foreign objects that may cause damage, and make sure not to wear spiked shoes or other shoes with sharp spiked soles to reduce puncture.


Usually fixed parts are used to firmly and flatly stick the waterproof membrane on the application surface, and certain parts may be subjected to greater pressure and the material may be pulled, resulting in deformation or even tearing holes. Therefore, choosing a waterproof membrane with better tear resistance will reduce the chance of re-laying.

UV degradation

Waterproof membranes exposed to the external environment will be severely affected by UV exposure, making the material itself embrittled and damaged under the influence of other external factors. Even if the waterproof membrane itself has anti-UV chemicals and surface protection coatings, it will be damaged under high exposure. Therefore, if you want to extend the service life, you need to spray anti-ultraviolet agents or coatings on the surface, or you need to plan a fixed schedule to replace all the waterproof membranes.

The effect of temperature

For high temperatures, most waterproofing membranes should be able to withstand the effects of high temperatures, but not for extremely low temperatures. Due to the characteristics of thermoplastic materials, the physical properties of the material will deteriorate at low temperature, so under the influence of long-term low temperature or high and low temperature difference, it is easy to cause damage to the material itself. Therefore, before deciding on the waterproof membrane material, take it to the laboratory for inspection and then decide to buy, which can reduce the probability of subsequent maintenance.

Chemical release

If it is installed in aquaculture ponds or ecological ponds, it is found that the number of dead organisms in the water is increasing significantly. One of the possible reasons is that the waterproof membrane itself has released chemicals that affect the water quality. Therefore, if there is a need for aquaculture, users should not buy the cheapest product, but should buy a waterproof membrane that has passed the inspection and is non-toxic.

Whether you want to choose waterproof membranes of different materials such as PVC, TPO, PE, OBC, etc., it will be of great help for you to choose products if you first understand many possible adverse factors. Whether it's aquaculture, wastewater treatment plants, roof waterproofing, outsole moisture protection or tunnel construction, you can find a unique product for you.



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