Matters needing attention in the waterproof membrane of the pool substrate

June 24,2022

Common waterproof membranes on the market such as HDPE, PVC, TPO waterproof membrane can be widely used in various waterproofing projects, but the waterproof membrane used in pool construction has many limitations, because its physical property requirements and inspection specifications are relatively strict. In order to avoid damage due to various factors, long-term and expensive maintenance costs must be paid.

Stricter resistance

The physical properties of each waterproof membrane are different, but the products used in pools must accept stricter inspection standards. Because the pool design usually has a steeper slope and also has a deeper water depth according to different uses, a waterproof membrane with high chemical acid and alkali resistance, good ductility, and high tear resistance is more suitable for use. When full of water, the heavy water pressure will relatively pull the waterproof membrane downward, so the fixing project must be firm, and the high-quality waterproof membrane can resist the influence of various external factors, making the substrate constructed by the waterproof membrane more stable.

Better UV resistance

Many thinner or even poorer raw materials are used to manufacture waterproof membrane products, even if they can pass the inspection of engineering units at the initial stage. However, under the long-term influence of ultraviolet rays, the waterproof membrane is cracked and decomposed. The chemical substances released after decomposition will also affect the growth of cultured organisms. Therefore, choosing a product of good quality should be listed as the primary condition rather than choosing the cheapest product.

High resistance to chemicals

Industries such as factories, oil wells, mining or sewage treatment plants also use waterproof membranes as linings for reservoirs, and the wastewater produced by these industries will contain chemicals with varying degrees of acidity and alkalinity. These released components will challenge the waterproof membrane. The poor quality waterproof membrane will cause corrosion and wear, and cause damage under the interaction of water pressure. Many external costs will be lost in the future due to frequent maintenance.

Water quality control in aquaculture

The most important thing in the seafood farming industry is to control the water quality, and a waterproof membrane with stable physical properties will not release additional pollution such as toxic substances and excessive plastic particles due to wear, thus causing the water quality to be unstable.

The waterproof membrane made by Taiwan Singform can adjust the raw materials and production methods according to the needs of customers, and produce products with better physical properties and durability, and our TPO and OBC products are also widely used in the fishing and electricity co-production industry. PVC waterproof membranes are also used on the ground before the solar panels are erected to inhibit the growth of weeds and other external adverse effects. If you still don't know how to choose the product that suits you, or hurry up and click below to inquire immediately, leave your message, and we will have a professional sales specialist contact you as soon as possible.



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