Solar and Aquaculture Fisheries

May 13,2022

The United Nations estimates that nearly 80% of the world's large fish species are overfished and in urgent need of conservation and restoration, as are other small and medium-sized fish species. If the various fish resources of the sea are depleted or even extinct, my next generation may only eat plankton, algae, insects or jellyfish. In order to avoid depleting these resources, artificial fish farming should be promoted more vigorously, but fish farms use energy all the time, and they have to fight against the weather. Therefore, in recent years, solar green energy farming and fishery can help this. 

The benefits of solar energy for aquaculture fisheries

Save energy

The scale of aquaculture fishery varies from large to small, but the common direction is to solve the problem of hypoxia. Usually aquaculture operators use aeration tablets or mechanical aerators to solve the problem, but these two solutions are not the best. The sludge at the bottom even affects the activities of fish and shrimp and the growth of algae. And solar panels combined with aquaculture and fishery can make up for electricity and reduce electricity costs. If your fish pond is so large that you need to use a boat to put feed, and solar panels can also supplement the energy of the boat, so as to avoid oil pollution and save fuel costs.

keep the temperature

Whether it is a floating or fixed solar panel, it can provide an extra layer of barrier for the fish farm. When the cold current strikes, it can reduce the impact of low temperature, and during the rainstorm, it can reduce the salinity of the breeding water and reduce the fish damage caused by various disasters.

Utilize energy

If there is additional power that cannot be used up, it can also be sold to other places for use, increasing passive income.


In addition to the fact that solar panels can help aquaculture and fisheries save energy costs, there have been many cases of fishery and electricity symbiosis recently using Singform's TPO/OBC waterproof membrane to build fish farms. The abnormal growth of algae affects the cultivation, the cleaning cost is relatively simple, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced.


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