Advantages of waterproofing membranes used to strengthen concrete pools

June 10,2022

Concrete, commonly known as cement, is often seen as a sturdy building material that is easy to construct and buy, and is often used to construct pools. But the cement pool is not as durable as it is imagined, and it is 100% applicable. If it is to build a commercial fish pond, and the preferred material is still concrete, it is recommended to use a waterproof membrane as a reinforcing structure, which will have advantages you cannot imagine.

Water permeation

Most people usually think that concrete is a waterproof material, but in fact, its pore structure is more than we think. If no special waterproof treatment is done, water vapor can easily penetrate through the pores, causing structural damage and water leakage. If you can lay a waterproof membrane on the bottom, or even surround it, to reduce the chance of the concrete absorbing moisture, you can also extend the service life.

Structural cracks

Cracks can easily develop when concrete is subjected to uneven stress, and these cracks are often too small to be found, especially when farmed fish are accompanied by soil and biological sediment. If repairs are required, the sink must be drained, cleaned and dried, a cumbersome and expensive process. Therefore, the best way is to strengthen the overall structure with a waterproof membrane to reduce maintenance costs.

Fish safety

Freshly constructed concrete pools release many chemicals that are very unsafe for fish. Therefore, different degrees of standing and cleaning should be carried out. These procedures can be omitted if the pool is constructed with a waterproof membrane, and materials such as TPO and OBC do not release toxic substances and are easy to clean.

Regardless of whether you want to use a waterproof membrane to strengthen the concrete pool structure, you may as well lay a layer of substrate first to isolate the indirect influence of soil and moisture. I believe you will get unexpected results.



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