Waterproof membrane for swimming pool

June 02,2022

Old-style swimming pools are all cement structures, and the surface is reinforced with tiles or waterproof paint. Over time, algae and shedding are prone to occur, which also makes the swimming pool unsanitary and dangerous. The current waterproof membrane products are very diverse, and there are many advantages to using blue waterproof membrane as the surface layer for building swimming pools.

Application of waterproof membrane for swimming pool

It can be used to cover the surface and perimeter of swimming pools, or it can be used for renovations to add a durable waterproof layer to the facility.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install and can be customized according to the shape.
  • Quick construction, suitable for all kinds of extreme climatic conditions.
  • Prevent the production of various algae and molds.
  • Durable and resistant to various chemicals.
  • Impermeable to water, reducing the cost of water sources and disinfectant additives.
  • Relatively insulated, reducing heating costs to maintain a heated pool.
  • Easy to refurbish and rebuild, and easy to clean.
  • No toxic substances will be released and can be used with peace of mind.
  • It is completely recyclable and contributes to the environmental protection of the earth.
  • Superior strength and tensile strength.

Specification selection

Basically, most of them are black and white, and the basic width is mostly two meters, but the color can be customized according to the quantity ordered by the customer.


As the substrate material of the pool, the waterproof membrane can not only save a lot of cost, but also can be used for more than 10 years according to the experience at home and abroad, and the maintenance is also very simple. It is a durable and high-efficiency waterproof building material.


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