Twin Color Mat

Nylon / Rubber backing
Machine washable
Dirt, sand, mud removal
Excellent slip resistance
Fast drying
Excellent durability


Twin Color Mat uses durable nylon material as the blanket surface and rubber material as the bottom. The combination of two high-performance materials makes Twin Color Mat one of the most durable doormats. Besides excellent water absorption Performance, sand scraping, in addition to mud performance, Twin Color Mat is also very easy to clean. It can be cleaned and washed by a washing machine, which is extremely convenient to use. Twin Color Mat is a very durable doormat. It can be used in commercial areas with the high-pedestrian flow and high pedaling rate.

Applicable locations: homes, commercial and office buildings, storefronts, welcome halls, etc... high-traffic areas
  • Application

  • Specification

Surface Backing Weight Thickness Mats(cm) Rolls(cm)
Nylon Rubber 2.55±1.25 kg/m2 10.5±0.5 mm 60 x 90 ; 75 x 90 ; 120 x 180 120 x 1200 ; 180 x 1200

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