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From Lab to Market: Scaling and Commercialization Strategies

April 12,2024
漁電共生產學研聯盟_產業資訊與議題交流4_新灃_貝理_農科院水產所 (6)_1500X1000
漁電共生產學研聯盟_產業資訊與議題交流4_新灃_貝理_農科院水產所 (3)_1500X1000
漁電共生產學研聯盟_產業資訊與議題交流4_新灃_貝理_農科院水產所 (10)_1500X1000
On April 10, 2024, in collaboration with the Agricultural Science Academy, we successfully hosted the fourth "Aquaculture Photovoltaic (APV) Industry-Academia-Research Alliance" information and discussion meeting at Singform Enterprise Co., Ltd.'s Machouhou Park in Chiayi County. This meeting highlighted our commitment as experts in waterproofing membranes and innovators in aquaculture technologies.

Singform Enterprise is not only renowned as a manufacturer of waterproof membranes but has also been actively involved in the APV aquaculture sector. In addition, we established Balli Co., Ltd. in partnership with photovoltaic industries in Dongshi Township, exploring indoor shrimp APV aquaculture.

During the event, our partners from the Agricultural Science Academy introduced a new cultivation method using microbial flocs and waterproof fabric membranes. This breakthrough technology not only enhances aquaculture efficiency but also demonstrates our commitment to ongoing innovation. Attendees had the opportunity to see our 28-meter diameter OBC fabric demonstration pond, specifically designed fasteners, and gaskets for solar panels, and also visited our operational shrimp cultivation at the Waogu Park.

We appreciate the enthusiasm and valuable feedback from all participants and look forward to further advancing Taiwan’s APV aquaculture industry towards a sustainable future in fisheries and agriculture.

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Special thanks to #FullOxygenAeratorCoLtd for providing state-of-the-art DC motor aerators that play a crucial role in our Waogu facility.