Follow-up maintenance plan after waterproof membrane installation

August 05,2022

The initial cost of installing a waterproofing membrane is relatively high. Proper inspection and maintenance are crucial. Continuous regular inspections can reduce maintenance and detect problems earlier. Most of the damage to the waterproof membrane is caused by severe weather changes or man-made, so when making an inspection plan, environmental conditions must be considered to determine the frequency of maintenance. Some high-risk locations that require more frequent inspections include places where pedestrians and vehicles pass by, and places that are vulnerable to weather factors such as typhoons and heavy rain. Determine the degree of risk according to the environment, and then formulate an inspection and maintenance plan in writing, which will increase the service life of the waterproof membrane.

Regular inspection

Visually check whether there is leakage or separation of the waterproof membrane in the pipeline and irregularities, confirm whether there is wear or loose bolts at all flat joints, and check whether there are tears around the installation site in contact with lawns, roads, etc.

Severe weather

After severe weather effects, inspections must be carried out to clean up foreign objects such as tree branches and debris, whether there is excessive water accumulation due to poor drainage, and timely clean up.

Repair in time

Please do not arbitrarily repair with different materials or rough methods, which will cause rapid damage to the waterproof membrane. The waterproof membrane installed by thermal welding cannot be completely repaired with glue, and the foreign material may cause damage to the original material.

Maintenance records

Keeping detailed records of each inspection and maintenance will enable more clear assessment and monitoring of problem areas, and also gain experience from it to reduce follow-up maintenance opportunities and costs.



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