The benefits of using waterproof membrane construction: Introduction

March 05,2021

Do you know the waterproofing membrane?

The use of various materials of waterproof membrane for the construction mode of moisture-proof and waterproof projects has been implemented for many years abroad, so the quality of this construction material has been verified by many, but in the application in Taiwan, many people still choose traditional waterproof coatings. Then, after a series of articles, you will understand that waterproof membrane will definitely be a better choice than traditional waterproof coatings.

PVC and TPO and PE

Singform's waterproofing membrane are all made from recycled materials. In addition to environmental sustainability considerations, and after years of research and development and quality control, our waterproofing membrane are absolutely trustworthy. There are so many kinds of waterproofing membrane materials. Our existing products include PVC, TPO, PE, etc. Later, we will use three articles to introduce the characteristics and application scope of the above three materials. I believe there are many questions about waterproofing membrane. Of you, you will definitely have more confidence in Singform's products.

The following briefly introduces the advantages of using waterproofing membrane at three points:

  1.  Our waterproofing membrane has high durability, and the durability can be more than 20 years. Compared with traditional waterproof coatings or self-adhesive waterproof membrane, it can be more flexible in response to irregular surface construction difficulties. Our  waterproofing membrane is to use heat welding to bond the joints, so it can achieve better moisture-proof and waterproof effect than other materials.
  2. Our waterproofing membrane is cost-effective. Even though the initial construction cost is relatively high, it has a durability of more than 20 years, and it is easy to repair and catch leaks. Even if the initial construction cost of other waterproof materials is relatively low, they will damage their own materials due to insufficient weather resistance and difficulty in repairing and catching leaks, and then re-construction is required for 3 to 5 years. In addition, self-adhesive waterproof membrane or other similar materials are mostly caused by poor joints at the seams, which cause water leakage.
  3. The raw materials we use are environmentally friendly, recycled and reused. There will be absolutely no discharge of toxic substances during construction and use in compliance with the specifications. Therefore, the scope of use is very wide, whether it is waterproofing of roofs, tunnels and other projects, or breeding fish ponds, People's livelihood related projects such as swimming pools and biogas bags can also be used with confidence.



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