The advantages of using waterproof membrane for roof waterproofing

August 06,2021
The house you live in is not only a place for your entire family to live in, but also a part of your property. Whether it is a new house or a middle-aged house, due to construction defects and time changes, the original waterproof coating of the roof may fail and fall off. The concrete structure of the roof will also age and form cracks due to factors such as its age and external weather, thus allowing external moisture to penetrate into the house structure.

The water vapor that penetrates into the structure of the house may cause the adverse effects of the steel bar, thereby reducing its strength. Excessive water seepage may also cause wall cancer and water leakage in the house, leading to fungus growth, short circuits, and peeling paint, which will result in low quality of living and living environments and a decrease in the value of the house.

Roof waterproof solution

As mentioned in the preface, roof waterproofing is actually a very important house maintenance project. It faces the influence of external climate and other factors. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good solution. In addition to the price, we first What should be paid attention to?


The service life of waterproof coatings and waterproofing membranes are different. The warranty period of waterproof coatings can be as short as one year and as long as ten years, depending on the materials and construction methods used by each company. As for the use of waterproof membranes for waterproofing, examples have been proven to be used for more than 30 years.

Construction method

The coating application method is usually a complicated process, because there are many layers to be coated and it takes time to dry, so it takes a long time. The construction method of waterproof membrane membrane is relatively simple compared with coating. It only needs to bond the joints and cover the roof surface.

Weather resistance

The roof must often face the influence of external climate and ultraviolet rays, so the degree of weather resistance of the waterproof material is very important.

Follow-up maintenance

The convenience of initial partial repairs and the re-construction after the material age is reached are all points that must be considered.

Choose a good contractor

Choosing a reputable contractor can not only design a complete waterproof solution plan for you, but also get excellent construction quality and subsequent assistance.

The advantages of using waterproof membrane for roof waterproofing

Strong weather resistance

Waterproof membranes with rigorous materials can often withstand the test of climate change, and have a good degree of tolerance to temperature changes, acid and alkali substances, and ultraviolet rays.

Easy to construct and maintain

Since the waterproof membrane is a loose paving construction, in most cases, large-scale dismantling is not required. You only need to spread the waterproof membrane and glue the joints. Therefore, if there is a subsequent water leakage, it is relatively easy to find For leaks, patch them locally.

Improve energy efficiency

In addition to strong weather resistance, the waterproof membrane can also achieve the effect of roof insulation, thereby reducing the indoor temperature.

Long service life

Waterproof membranes have been used at home and abroad for a long time, and generally can reach more than 30 years of service life, which is longer than waterproof coatings.


After the current waterproof membrane is recycled, more than 99% can be re-made into recycled materials, and then processed into other products or a new roll of waterproof membrane.


On the Internet, it is often seen that many villagers have difficulty in choosing waterproof coatings, and after DIY construction, the waterproof function will be lost almost one year later. Even experienced masters cannot guarantee that there will be no water leakage within one year. Although the use of waterproof membranes as roof waterproofing may be relatively high in single cost, but in terms of service life and ease of maintenance, waterproof membranes may be the best solution as roof waterproofing materials.

You are also welcome to contact us if you are interested in home solutions. Singform can refer you to excellent contractors engaged in waterproof membrane construction.


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