Green energy and agriculture and fishery (3)

February 25,2022
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Solar photovoltaics have become a major green energy power generation method in the world. The first two articles have introduced the application of solar photovoltaics to fishery and agriculture, and animal husbandry is also a focus in this series.

Solar Photovoltaic and Animal Husbandry

Power generation target

Up to now, the solar photovoltaic power generation installed on the roofs of various animal husbandry houses has exceeded 1000MW, especially in areas with developed animal husbandry in the central and southern regions. When the facility is complete, there is still 2.1GW of solar photovoltaic potential to develop.


Most of the animal-electric symbiosis is to set up solar photovoltaic panels on the roof, which can not only reduce the temperature in the livestock and poultry farms, but also the government has relaxed the construction of the breeding area, and the same number of breeding can build a larger breeding site. At the same time, the livestock industry can also get a second share of the income from solar photovoltaics. If it is not funded and set up by itself, they can also consider cooperating with the photovoltaic industry, and the choices are very diverse.


The problems encountered at present are as follows. The first is that the construction of the basic wiring has not been completed, and the power generation equipment cannot be installed smoothly in many sites; The third is that the noise of other factors during solar panel cleaning may frighten the livestock and affect the quality; the fourth is that Taipower’s purchase price of electricity has dropped year by year, so many operators are taking a wait-and-see attitude.


The above brief introduction is only a preliminary understanding. If you want to know the latest news, regulations, or a more detailed introduction of animal-electric symbiosis, you can inquire at the Agriculture Committee of the Executive Yuan or relevant units of the local government. In addition, the OBC and TPO waterproof membrane produced by our company can also be applied to the design of livestock and poultry ground or foundation laying. It is not only moisture-proof, easy to clean, but also durable and non-toxic. It is definitely a great help in the development of animal-electricity symbiosis.


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