Advantages of TPO roof waterproofing membrane

July 22,2022

TPO waterproofing membrane is an economical and durable eco-friendly roof waterproofing solution. Roof waterproofing will be at the top of the home improvement program in each country. Doing a good job of waterproofing the roof is equivalent to preparing for the preservation of the value of your house property.

What is TPO waterproof membrane?

TPO is a "thermoplastic polyolefin" plastic polymer. Because of its many advantages, it has become a popular roof waterproofing solution in Europe and the United States. It is very suitable for flat roofs or sloping roofs. Installation requires the assistance of a professional team to ensure the sealing of waterproof performance and adhere to the roof, and almost no glue or fire is required, which is more environmentally friendly and safe.

Durability of TPO Waterproof Membranes

The more perfect the roof waterproofing is, the less likely it will be for repairs in the future, and the less wasted external costs. Under reasonable conditions of use, the average lifespan of TPO is as high as 40 years. Of course, regular inspection and maintenance are also required to avoid various situations that may damage the waterproof membrane.

Weather resistance of TPO waterproof membrane

TPO waterproofing membranes have a durability of up to 40+ years, depending on the material's high degree of resistance to weather, including high temperatures, heavy rain, snow, strong winds, bacteria, mold, pests and various external factors. Perfect protection of the roof is guaranteed due to the high degree of weather resistance.

The cost of TPO waterproof membrane

TPO waterproof can be made into different colors, the most commonly used is white, because white has high reflectivity and is not easy to absorb heat, which can reduce the impact of temperature on the house, and relatively reduce the cost of heating and cooling to adjust the temperature.

Environmental protection of TPO waterproof membrane

In addition to the above advantages, TPO waterproof membrane is also environmentally friendly. Because it does not contain excess chemical substances and plasticizers, it will not release toxic substances under the influence of various factors. It is considered a common building material for green buildings. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it can also be completely recycled after the end of its service life.

Choosing TPO waterproof membrane is also a perfect choice in terms of economy, ecology, durability and beauty. It can not only be used for roofs, but also in ecological pools, breeding pools, dance classroom floors and other occasions. All can use TPO film to extend different formulations and product manufacturing.



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