Waterproof membrane

OBC Waterproofing Membrane

1.0-3.0 mm / Composite mesh
​​​​​​​Fast teacher communication, easy to lay
Excellent elasticity and deformability
Wear resistance, good puncture resistance
Excellent anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, anti-decomposition ability
weather resistance, environmental protection, and non-toxic
mechanical strength and high tensile resistance
Excellent chemical stability, high and low-temperature resistance
asphalt oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance


OBC waterproof membrane has good physical properties, has the functions of PE and TPO, and is also competitive in price. Its characteristics are anti-seepage, anti-corrosion, good chemical stability, and no toxic substances are released during the manufacturing process and processing, and can be completely recycled. Because of its non-toxic and environmentally friendly characteristics, it is currently mainly used in the market as a moisture-proof material in reservoirs, roofs, fish ponds, garbage dumps, etc.

Application: Reservoir, underground water conservancy project, big bottom moisture proof, landfill, fish pond and shrimp pond, roof waterproof


OBC Waterproof Membrane Specifications

Thickness Width Specification Color
2.0m/Customized Single layer/Mesh Black/White/Customized


Project performance of waterproof membrane:

  1. Tunnel engineering: Suhuagai Zhongren Tunnel, Xindian Ankeng Tunnel, Section 4 of Taichung Road from Fengyuan to Tanzi

  2. Outsole moisture-proof: Dibao Industrial Changhua and Xinying new factory building, Guotian Xingye new factory building, etc.

  3. Landscape engineering: Taifeng Stadium pool, "Kaohsiung Liugui Xinwei Forest Park" landscape pool, etc.

  4. Roof waterproofing: Refurbishment of relocation facilities for the Army's supply branch, Hualien Shoufeng Township Kindergarten, etc.


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