Industrial Parts

Recycled ECO Pallet

Recycled plastic composite materials
Oil and flame resistant
Acid and alkali resistance
Thick and wear-resistant material
Drainage, anti-slip, anti-moth-eaten
Reduce wood pallet replacement costs
Recycling and environmental protection
Reduce carbon footprint
Made in Taiwan


In response to the world's environmental protection trends and carbon neutrality issues, Singform implements a zero-pollution policy and recycles product scraps, scraps, defective products and other materials to give new life, so there is "Recycled ECO Pallet".

The recycled plastic composite material has high physical resistance such as oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, flame resistance, insect resistance, drainage, anti-skid, etc., and is more durable than ordinary wooden pallets. It is suitable for use in various industrial places and reduces costs.



Material Weight Size Customized
Recycled plastic 16.5 ± 5%(kg) 130 x 93 x 16 cm Please inquire with us

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