Totem Mat

PP + Nylon / PVC backing
Effectively removes debris, dirt, and mud
Elegant design perfect for commercial use and home use
Great anti-slip performance
Dries quickly
Suitable for high volume pedestrian areas
Easy to clean


The totem mat uses a woven carpet surface made of PP and Nylon, with a PVC bottom with excellent anti-slip effect, achieving a high-efficiency mud scraping and decontamination effect. The weaving pattern originated from the aboriginal style, ingeniously combining the scraping performance of PP material with the superior water absorption performance of Nylon. Let the totem mat be able to achieve both practicality and durability under the beautiful appearance.

Applicable locations: Home use, Commercial use, store entrances, building entrances, indoor and outdoor laying


Surface Backing Weight Thickness Mats(cm) Rolls(cm)
PP + Nylon PVC 3.5 ± 0.4 kg/m2 7.0 (+1.5/ -1.0) mm 90x1200 ; 90 x 1800 ; 120 x 1200 ;
120 x 1800 ; 180 x1800
45 X 60; 45 x 75; 60 x 90
90 x 120; 90 x 150; 120x 180



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